SilverStone Introduces The IceGem Series of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

Source: IceGem

Silverstone Introduces the IceGem Series of AIO Liquid CPU coolers, which features RGB lighting on both the CPU water block and the fans. The IceGem Series of AIO coolers features a diamond-cut design with the SilverStone logo plating on the CPU water block. In this series, there are three different models, which include a 240P, 280, and a 360 AIO cooler model.

SilverStone Introduces the IceGem AIO Liquid CPU cooler series, which has three different AIO coolers

The IceGem Series of AIO Liquid CPU coolers are a unique design on the CPU block. The CPU block has a diamond-cut design, and the SilverStone logo is being in the center of the CPU block. This unique design sets this AIO cooler apart compared to the AIO coolers on the market, which may offer RGB lighting but don't offer this fantastic design.

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This CPU block features a pump motor which utilizes a three-phase, six-pole design for overall smoother and quieter operation when compared to a single-phase, four-pole design. This new design not only improves flow but also makes the CPU block much more energy efficient. This new and unique design features a motor speed of up to 3,000 RPM.

This CPU block features support for both Intel and AM4 sockets. This block features support for AMD's enthusiast-level processors, the Threadripper series.

These AIO coolers feature optimized pressure fans with better ARGB effects, which can quickly and efficiently dissipate any heat built up in the radiator. These fans offer a maximum speed of 2,200 RPM and a lowered speed of 600 RPM. The included fans have a minimum noise level of 7.3 dBA and a top noise level of 36.6 dBA.

The 240P AIO cooler can cool up to a 280-watt processor, while the 280 model can cool a 320-watt processor. The most massive AIO cooler can keep a 350-watt processor cool efficiently.

In the IceGem Series, the AIO CPU cooler features a highly efficient radiator, which allows for high thermal transfer. Three-year warranties currently back these AIO coolers. The IceGem 240P AIO cooler costs $139.99. The IceGem 280 AIO cooler costs $159.99, and the most massive cooler, the IceGem 360 AIO cooler, costs $169.99.

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