Microsoft Wants to Emulate Genshin Impact Success on PlayStation by Stocking up on Chinese Gaming Content

Ule Lopez
Microsoft Genshin Impact

Whether you like it or not, Genshin Impact is a big game in the mobile and console gaming industries. As a current PlayStation console exclusive (though a Nintendo Switch port is supposedly on the way), this game has gathered many players who contributed to an estimated $4.2 billion in revenue across all platforms as of March 2022. Most importantly, it attracted the attention of players from China, one of the biggest landmarks in gaming.

Now, as noted in a Reuters report, it seems like Microsoft wants to downright emulate Genshin Impact's success with a game that would essentially be just as attractive as Genshin Impact currently is. This is a sign of the growing interest from Western companies in the Chinese game industry, especially with how they have become on par with big-budget titles.

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Two industry sources said that Microsoft has been building a team to scout for Chinese games. This is done in a move to make the Chinese market interested in the Xbox Game Pass service. At the same time, filings showed that Microsoft is expanding its subscription service to personal computers and handheld devices while offering big money offers to independent studios.

We're talking big sums of money, too. For example, according to a filing, ARK: Survival Evolved's developer Studio Wildcard was paid $2.5 Million to feature the game on Xbox Game Pass while giving an additional $2.3 Million for the sequel ARK 2. It's clear that Microsoft is pulling all the stops to make Game Pass more attractive for every market worldwide.

And yes, Microsoft clearly shows regret for missing out on Genshin Impact. According to people familiar with the matter, Microsoft spoke to miHoYo early in the game's development but did not reach a deal. Then, Sony partnered with them in 2019, and the rest is history. Genshin Impact was released, and it made PlayStation a lot of money.

Will Microsoft be able to strike gold once again and find a game from the Chinese market that will emulate the success of Genshin Impact? Perhaps even surpass it? We'll have to wait and see the results of Microsoft's endeavor and investment. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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