Microsoft’s Surface Book Specifications Might Feature A Custom GTX950M


In attempt to bring some fresh offerings to its gadget lineup, Microsoft recently upgraded its Surface Pro lineup and introduced the Microsoft Surface Book, which takes a fresh look on small sized, highly portable laptops. Before the Surface Book's launch, we've other offerings such as Apple MacBook Air and Dell's XPS lineup, which covered both sleekness and impressive hardware specifications in compact packages. But with the Surface Book, Microsoft's also introduced complete portability in the mix, with little expense spared on specifications.

Microsoft Surface Book Equipped With Maxwell Based GPU From Nvidia

The Microsoft Surface Book comes in five variants, with specifications ranging from Intel's Core i5 to Core i7 processors and storage space of up to 512GB. RAM quantity ranges between 8 - 16GB and the company also claims that all of this is capable of giving you up to 12 hours of battery life. The ultrabook coming with an Nvidia GPU on board also interested many users, since you can now also expect your hybrid notebook to give reasonable graphics performance too.

While Microsoft was eager to show off many features of the device at its launch event, there's been little information on the Surface Book's technical specifications, which can help us gauge what it actually offers. But detailed information is generally available only after the company releases its products, so for now we only know what Microsoft's telling us on paper about the device.

Speaking of speculation, some quarters have now started to claim that Microsoft's launched the Surface Book with the latest iteration of Nvidia's GPU architecture, Maxwell. This sounds highly likely if Microsoft doesn't want its product to become obsolete in less than a year, since we should be expecting competitors to have their responses to the increasing hybrid market ready by next year.

Not only does the Surface Book come with GeForce on board, the special iteration of the device's GPU should closely resemble the GTX 950M and come with 1 GB of video. Nvidia's GPU comes with a clock speed of 914MHz and 2GB of GDDR5 on board but sources now claim that the Surface Book's custom GPU features only 1GB of video memory.

Equipped with 640 cores the GPU should give impressive performance for users looking for the functionality offered by a hybrid. We should find out more soon enough, and if you're interested in the Surface Book, aside from Microsoft's official store, the device is also available for order on Amazon and Ebay. So order away and let us know what you think in the comments section below.