Huawei Has Chosen Its Manufacturers for Its Upcoming 2-In-1 2017 Surface Competitors


The Huawei MateBook was the company’s first attempt at a 2-in-1 at a slightly cheaper price tag to help drive some competition against the Surface Pro 4. Fast forward to the end of 2016, the company was earlier rumored to roll out two powerful machines in the year 2017 and it looks like the company has finally tapped with ODMs that are going to be responsible for the next phase.

Next-Gen Huawei MateBooks Said to Sell More Than 2 Million Units – Will Become a Close Competitor for Surface Pro 5 and Other Premium Notebooks

Sources close to the matter have said that Huawei has tapped both Pegatron and Quanta Computer as the primary ODMs to mass produce the company’s next-generation of the MateBook lineup. With a total of 2 models expected to release during the second quarter of 2017, these are going to be larger than the original 12.9-inch MateBook, thus adding more battery life and screen real estate for these products. The larger form factor should also allow the company to incorporate several connectivity ports, so we’re hoping the company does no skimp out on this.

With Thunderbolt 3 in a transitionary phase, it would be a good idea for the upcoming notebooks to add at least a single Thunderbolt 3 since it will deliver an ‘all in one’ solution for delivering power, transferring data and hooking up a secondary display for added productivity. The first MateBook was criticized for having low battery life, something which should not happen if you’re looking to carry the 2-in-1 for traveling purposes.

Both upcoming models are expected to feature Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, so the improved CPU design and architecture should be able to deliver better battery life. The base model of Huawei MateBook came in at $699, so a larger screen size and better features from its successors could result in a higher base price tag. Let us hope it is a decent Surface Pro 5 competitor. What sort of expectations do you have from the upcoming 2-in-1 lineup? Tell us your thoughts right away.