Synaptics Hints At New Windows OS In Its Press Release For Collaboration With AMD


For everyone who loves to follow Microsoft, we've got some interesting news today. The Redmond based software giant launched its $399 tablet, the Microsoft Surface Go day before yesterday. The device is more like a toned down Surface Pro and is accompanied with the usual host of pricey accessories that defeat the purpose of a low-price tag.

Today we've got some interesting news, straight from Synaptics, related to a potential new operating system from Microsoft. The company, known for its touchpads and biometric solutions, has made a rather interesting reveal through a press release. Take a look below for more details.

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Synaptics Hints At 'Next-Generation Microsoft Operating System' In Its Press-Release For Collaboration With AMD For New And Advanced Biometric Security System

In a press release, Synaptics highlighted its latest collaboration with AMD to bring advanced biometric recognition to notebooks using the latter's Ryzen Mobile processors. This partnership will utilize Synaptics' FS7600 'Match-in-Sensor' fingerprint recognition chip, which the company introduced last month.

The FS7600 completely isolates the required biometric details for fingerprint recognition from the rest of the system, making it much less susceptible to vulnerabilities on the system itself. The sensor achieves this by incorporating a separate SoC within it, that performs both the input/output operations for fingerprint validation using an internal microprocessor.

While this is interesting in itself, what is more interesting is that Synaptics has mentioned a new generation of Microsoft's operating system twice in its press release that announces the collaboration with AMD.

As stated in the release:

Synaptics Incorporated (...) today announced a joint initiative centered on delivering a new industry benchmark in highly-secure biometric fingerprint authentication for enterprise/commercial and consumer notebook PCs based on next-generation AMD Ryzen™ Mobile platform and Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. The collaboration brings a new level of security for AMD-based laptops by leveraging Synaptics’ unique FS7600 Match-in-Sensor™ fingerprint sensor technology with powerful AMD Ryzen Mobile processors, and Microsoft’s forthcoming biometric security OS including Windows Hello.

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Is This Operating System A New Generation Of Windows OS From Microsoft Or Simply A Refined Version Of Windows 10?

Right now, there are two possibilities that we can attribute to such an operating system from Microsoft. One of these is for Core OS, an operating system from Microsoft that's supposed to strip down legacy components and make Windows modular. This will allow it to run on all kinds of hardware that Microsoft chooses, without the need to have a specific version suiting individual gadgets.

However, as Core OS will initially roll out for mobile gadgets, perhaps its PC variant codenamed 'Polaris' is a better contender. Polaris will upgrade Windows' shell to a one that's compatible across all platform. A removal of legacy components from Core OS and by extension Polaris will improve their security and this narrative fits in nicely with Synaptics' press release as well.

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