Metro Exodus Looks Amazing In New GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Traced Global Illumination Demo

Francesco De Meo
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus, the new entry in the series by A1 Games, will come with real-time ray tracing support, and a new video has been shared today to show how the game will take advantage of it, looking better than ever.

The new video, shared by the NVIDIA Official YouTube Channel, showcases how real-time ray traced global illumination will make Metro Exodus look better than its predecessors and games that won't support it. 4A Games' Ben Archard also provides additional details on how it will work.

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4A Games are bringing real-time Ray Tracing to Metro Exodus! At NVIDIA’s Gaming Celebration event in Cologne, it was revealed how 4A Games would use NVIDIA RTX to deliver true Global Illumination – in this extended tech demo, Ben Archard from 4A Games explains how it all works.

Earlier this month, we have learned that Metro Exodus is going to be a massive game, with 4A Games stating that they are having trouble fitting the game on a single Blu-ray disc.

We’re looking at a total playtime of both previous games combined. In terms of geographical footprint, as we have moved to these more open areas, we can fit pretty much the entirety of the first two games (in terms of footprint) into just one of our huge levels. The last two games came in at about 12GB each, and we’re struggling to fit Metro Exodus onto a single Blu-ray. This is a massive step up for the studio.

Metro Exodus launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd.

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