Here’s Spartan; Microsoft’s Browser For Windows 10 Appears In All New Video


Given Internet Explorer's general lack of popularity on the internet, Microsoft decided last year to give the browser question some long and hard thinking. The answer they came up with was Spartan, an all new browser on Windows 10. Given that Microsoft's had a lot of time to find out why Internet Explorer simply isn't the browser for many of you out there, it seems like the software giant is taking baby steps in Spartan's development. One of these steps has appeared in a video and you can take a look at Spartan for Windows 10 in the video below.

Spartan For Windows 10 Appears In A New Video Showing Cortana Integration

Aside from all new browser on Windows 10, Microsoft will also be bringing Cortana, the company's virtual assistant for the first time on its Windows platform on Windows 10. Cortana's made several headlines already and we know some of the things that it'll be capable on Windows 10. This includes features such as keeping checks on the weather, finding places, airplane tickets and more. With Cortana you'll also be able to set schedules on your PC, search files such as music, presentations and more.

As you can see in the video above, Cortana works pretty well with Spartan now too. Its integration on Microsoft's upcoming browser will now allow you get feedback about the pages that you're visiting, while you're visiting them. If you're visiting the website of, say a retailer, Cortana will provide you with the street address and other details on a bar on the left. If you're considering a food item, Cortana'll show you the calorie count on it. So enjoy the video above, showing just how far Microsoft can take Spartan, integrated with Cortana on Windows 10. Windows 10 is expected to come this year, so stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.