MediaTek To Stay With TSMC for 16 And 10 nm Chips


With MediaTek’s Helio X20 fabricated on TSMC’s 20 nm process, along with Helio P10, which was processed on the company’s 28 nm process, it is safe to state that MediaTek was formed a long-term bond with TSMC, which lays rest to any rumors that the chip designer was going to switch sides to Samsung for its 14 nm FinFET process. With that long-term bond, both MediaTek will definitely be tapping TSMC for its 16 and 10 nm chips. Samsung might have won the 14 nm FinFET race, but for 10 nm and 16 nm, it is a whole different ball game altogether.

MediaTek Will Not Be Making A 16-Processor Core Chipset, But Partnership With TSMC Is Here To Stay

EEtimes reports that according to MediaTek CFO David Ku, the firm will continue to use Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as its foundry for its leading edge chips. Ku expresses that TSMC has treated MediaTek as a respectful client when he says:

“TSMC’s support has been excellent.”

Analysts reported earlier that thanks to Samsung’s 14 nm FinFET process, TSMC was expected to lose out on a lot of pricing power and customers after its monopoly was diminished by the South Korean tech behemoth. When broached about the subject that concerning what MediaTek would do if there were large chip orders, the executive stated that the company will not stay its hand from using other foundries if the demand scales to a level that cannot be met by TMSC.

Earlier this month, it was reported that TSMC was expected to establish a 10 nm pilot line in 12 factories for Apple’s A10 SoC production, which would be commencing by end of June 2015. If MediaTek is able to keep to its timetable, it is highly possible that the company will be taking care of all chip orders from Apple, which will eventually dethrone Samsung’s monopoly in the near future.

Additionally, there were also rumors that MediaTek was working on a 16-core CPU, which would succeed the deca-core processor found in Helio X20. At this point, Even MediaTek would have thought that this would be going way out of proportion, and has therefore dismissed the rumor. Right now, the only lifeline that TSMC has is keeping its timeframe in check, otherwise it could end up losing future orders to Samsung once more.

Image source: Arstechnica