Is TSMC Testing 10 nm Chips For Apple A10?


Samsung may have beaten TSMC in the 14 nm FinFET race, but the South Korean smartphone giant is going to have a tough road ahead, particularly when it comes to the 10 and 7 nm race. The latest report suggests that TSMC will be expediting its 10 nm manufacturing process. If the company is able to carry out its plan according to the suggested time frame, then it is possible that the semiconductor manufacturing company will be able to rake all 100 percent of Apple A10 SoC orders. It is expected that this process is expected to commence by the end of 2015.

TSMC Expected To Establish A 10 nm Pilot Line In 12 Factories For A10 SoC Production By End Of June 2015

According to UDN, the Taiwanese firm will establish a 10 nm pilot line in a total number of 12 factories that are located in Hsinchu. The source also states that the company has already begun a semiconductor intellectual property program, and will be gearing up to partner up with potential clients by the end of 2015. Now this smells like trouble for Samsung, as it was reported earlier that the Galaxy smartphone lineup maker was going to ramp up the 10 nm production in 2016.

Industry reporters state that the factories where TSMC begins to establish the 10 nm pilot line are extremely crucial if the company wants to secure a valuable client such as the Cupertino tech giant Apple. Rumor has it that if the firm is able to get its factories running in due time, then Samsung will lose out because TSMC will be producing all of Apple’s A10 chips.

TSMC roadmap reveals 10nm and 7nm processes are coming

While consumers and critics have yet to physically lay their eyes on Apple A9, it is difficult to conclude which company will end up being the victor of the 10 nm production race. If TSMC is immersed in working on a 10 nm pilot line for June 2015, then additional news is expected to be released in the near future.

Image source: Engadget