McDonald’s is Giving Free iPhone to Employees Who Stay on Job For Six Months

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During the ongoing health crises, it is not easy to hire people, especially for businesses that cannot cater to remote working. Nonetheless, these businesses are coming with new ways to give people special incentives for their physical presence. Seemingly, MacDonald's restaurant in Illinois is giving its employees a free iPhone who stay for six months at least.

McDonald's is Giving a Free iPhone to Employees, But You Have to Stay on Job for At Least Six Months

As mentioned earlier, a McDonald's restaurant in Illinois has put up a signboard that reads "Now hiring. Free iPhone" (via Patch). Take note that on the bottom of the signboard, the company also mentions that employees should meet employment criteria. What this means is that McDonald's could potentially have its own terms and conditions for the deal to go through. One of such criteria is that MacDonald's will only give its employees a free iPhone if they stick around for at least six months.

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McDonalds Free iPhone title

If you leave the job before six months, the deal is canceled and there will be no free iPhone for the employee. This is one way of hiring people in the pandemic given the fast-food businesses have faced a downfall when it comes to recruiting new staff. Nonetheless, a free iPhone is a good reward for anyone who is looking for a job at McDonald's.

We are seeing a trend in how companies are willing to give employees an incentive and bonuses. We also previously heard that Foxconn was offering a bonus to new recruits given they work for a 3-month time period. This is due to the increased demand for iPhones.

This is all there is to it, folks. We will share more details as soon as we have further information. What are your thoughts on McDonald's giving a free iPhone to employees? Let us know in the comments section below.

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