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While you might be spending most of your campaign in Marvel’s Avengers as Ms. Marvel, the endgame content has you choosing between the cast of heroes. To learn the basics of the characters check out our guide on how to build the perfect hero. But in games like Marvel’s Avengers, it is important to know exactly how your hero will fight in the team, where they should be positioned, and what they should be doing.

Each hero has a unique set of skills and equipment that can really help them on the battlefield but the game never explicitly says what roles they should be taking. It can be a little overwhelming with so many skills, stats, and perks to balance, to work out what each hero is best at as well. But after hours of testing we have found the perfect build for each hero, and an alternate build as well. Below you can find powerful builds for each of the starting heroes, as well as a rundown of their roles and tactics while out on the field.

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These builds, however detailed, are still able to be customised for your specific play style though, so don’t be afraid to use them as inspiration, or experiment with the loadout as you see fit.

Black Widow

Ranged DPS

Black Widow is the spy of the Avengers, the one that gets in and out unseen, providing vital information in their efforts to take down the most dangerous villains and organisations the universe has ever known. But she’s also really good at shooting her guns and not getting killed, which makes her useful on the battlefield too.

Key Skills

Night Terror (Specialty - Support Heroic Ability)

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Invigorating Bite (Specialty - Assault Heroic Ability)

Pistol Surge (Specialty - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Galvanic Biet (Specialty - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Power Grid  (Specialty - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Fast Reload (Mastery - Ranged)

Ranged Damage (Mastery -Utility)


Precision, Proficiency, and Valor are the stats you should focus on for this build. Precision increases ranged damage, while Proficiency and Valor improve critical hits and Heroic abilities. Because you’re dealing your damage away from the melee fight, you shouldn’t need to worry about defensive stats in this build, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for ranged attackers


For the equipment, you should hunt for anything that improves your ranged damage and critical hits. Most importantly though, you should find something that improves your status damage for whichever type of grenade you are using. Stack this as much as possible to create incredibly powerful grenades. 


Despite the campaign tutorial’s focus on Black Widow as a ranged combatant, it takes a bit of work to make her as effective at range as she is up close, but the pay off is worth it. Fast Reload means you’ll be spending a lot more time shooting then reloading, while Ranged Damage increases the damage you’ll be dealing.

Widow’s Bite, her Assault Heroic Ability is incredibly useful for dispatching clusters of enemies from a distance. Make sure to select a grenade skill in the Mastery section as well, but it really depends on your equipment and playstyle. Save Veil of Shadows, her Support Heroic Ability, for when enemies start getting to close. And although her Ultimate Heroic is melee focused, Pistol Surge will make it just as deadly for your ranged weapons.

The great thing about this ability is that sticking to ranged attacks means you can focus your stats away from defence, as you shouldn’t be close enough to take damage.

Alternate Build - DPS

If you’d rather have Black Widow take a more personal approach to her death-dealing, this build focuses more on her melee abilities and getting the most out of them. But as you get in closer, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your damage for defense.

Key Skills

Dark Thorn (Specialty - Support Heroic Ability)

Unseen Fate (Specialty - Support Heroic Ability)

Lightning Fist (Specialty - Assault Heroic Ability)

Lethal Bite (Specialty - Assault Heroic Ability)

Power Staff (Specialty - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Indomitable Force (Specialty - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Invisible Status (Mastery - Invisibility)

Invisible Willpower (Mastery - Invisibility)

Combo Finishers (Mastery - Utility)


Up close in the fight, you want to spread your stats across Might, Resilience, Resolve, and Valor. Resilience and Resolve don’t have to be that high, but you’ll need some for when your Veil of Shadows is on cooldown and you can’t get out the way of the fight.


For your equipment, look for perks that improve your heroic ability cooldown, especially Veil of Shadows as this is incredibly effective in this build. But like the main build, you should also focus on making your grenades as powerful as possible by stacking status damage.


It might feel right to get up close and personal as Black Widow, and this skill set will certainly make it easier, but remember you don’t have the mobility of some of the other heroes, or the willpower of the some of the tanks. Veil of Shadows will be your main ability in this build, using it to deal extra damage, takedown weaker enemies,  and out of the fight when things get dangerous. Invisible Willpower will also give you a health boost to, making it easier to get stuck back in.

Lightning Fist changes Black Widows Assault Heroic into a melee one, allowing you to focus and destroy a single threat if you come face to face. Indomitable Force on the other hand is a skill used to keep you alive when all else fails.



It's no surprise that the Hulk would make an excellent tank. In the comics, he’s literally unstoppable, and in the films he more or less plays a tank for the team, soaking up damage for fun. In Marvel’s Avengers, that is no different and you can easily build a powerful and effective tank for the big guy.

Key Skills

Boneshaker Regeneration (Specialty - Support Heroic Ability)

Savage Regeneration (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Ground Zero (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Thunderclap Taunt (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Willpower Recovery (Mastery - Melee)

Raging Recovery (Mastery - Intrinsic Ability)

Controlled Rage (Mastery - Intrinsic Ability)


Resolve, Resilience, and Proficiency are the most important stats for the Hulk to build as a tank. Resolve and Resilience both keep you alive longer which is very important for a tank, while Proficiency will improve your equipment perks which is also very important for this build as you’ll see below.


There are several equipment perks that allow Hulk to become temporarily invincible under whatever conditions, and it is highly recommended for you to seek these out as a priority for this build as it makes your tanking so much more effective.


A tank's job is to take as much damage as possible so the punier, squisher members of the team don’t have to, and this build does exactly that. Using Hulk's Boneshaker Support Heroic will taunt all nearby enemies, taking the pressure off the rest of the team, while the Boneshaker Regeneration and Savage Regrenation will make sure that Hulk can survive the encounter.

When that isn’t an option though, Hulk can rage at a cheaper cost thanks to the Controlled Rage and gain some willpower back because of the Raging Recovery. And when that still isn’t enough, Hulk’s Ultimate Heroic will damage and taunt all enemies while creating a healing aura to keep him fighting. Although Stranglehold can also be used to taunt enemies, it can get a little hairy to use if you’ve pushed to the other side of the battlefield and don’t have the dedicated damage support of any of the other heroes.

These abilities work really well and allow you to swap out if one isn’t necessary or is on cool down. Make sure you’re outputting some damage as this tank though, as Raging Recover and Savage Regeneration require you to get some kills to get the best of the effects.

Alternate Build - Crowd Control

If tanking isn’t your thing, Hulk is also more than capable of swatting away the smaller enemies that make up the bulk of AIM forces. This alternate builds looks to combine the effects of his Stranglehold, Rage, and Thunderclap abilities to keep large groups on the back foot.

Key Skills

Heroic Destruction (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Double Strangle (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Epicenter (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Thunderclap Heroic Recovery (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Raging Heroics (Mastery - Intrinsic Ability)


Valor and Might are the most important stats for the Crowd Control Hulk, but don’t underestimate the importance of Resolve and Resilience to keep him in the fight. Valor will be very useful as you begin to roll out the heroic ultimates.


Look for equipment perks that benefit your melee damage or reduce the cooldown of your heroic abilities with this build. Although without the tank build’s willpower regeneration, you will have to make sure you can take a beating, given that you don’t be as mobile as the other heroes. 


With this build you won’t be soaking up much damage, but you will be dealing it out. The basic tactic is simple, use Rage to build your heroic thunderclap as often as possible, while using Stranglehold to get in and out of crowds as needed, thanks to the Double Strangle.

Be careful managing your health though, as this build can sometimes get a little overexcited and you might find yourself far from help when you need it the most.

Iron Man

Hybrid DPS 

What can’t Iron Man do? He can fly. He can punch. He can shoot. He could cure world hunger and poverty if he wanted to and it probably wouldn’t even hurt his bank balance. But most importantly he can fly, punch, and shoot.

This wide range of skills makes him almost the perfect hybrid DPS class in Marvel’s Avengers, with great mobility, range, and melee he can attack and assist against any threat in any part of the battlefield 

Key Skills

Arc Field (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Defensive Field (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Omega Beam (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Energy Condenser (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Magno Missile (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Magno Missile Barrage (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Energy Star (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)


Balancing all the stats is the best course of action of a hybrid build like this one. If you find yourself favouring one kind of damage or another, perhaps focus on that, but make sure you have everything you need to deal damage and take it, even if you plan on flying through the sky.


Like with the stats, you’ll want a good spread of defensive and offensive perks in this build. Find what you’re comfortable with and make sure to focus on that. But it is worth noting the damage output of the various heroic abilities and how improving them can help overwhelm partially strong foes.


While the Key Skills for this build are important, there is a lot of versatility in Iron Man's moves depending on how you would like to play him. The skills above reflect a focus on ranged combat, so if you want to get the most out of the hybrid nature of Iron Man's abilities, it would be sensible for you to choose Mastery Skills that improve his melee proficiency.

But the important tactics to remember when playing this role is Iron Man's mobility. You should always be trying to prioritize the biggest threat. If there is some crowd control already, this should be the single biggest target, not the biggest group. And you should make sure to engage with them in the most effective way possible. If they are ranged enemies, get up close and personal. If they are melee, keep your distance and throw everything you have.

Alternate Build - Tank

Key Skills

EMP (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

EMP Amplifier (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Disruption Pulse (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Hyper Reactor (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Titanium Bravado (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Stun Mastery (Mastery - Combat)

Arc Reactor Kinetic Atomizer (Mastery - Intrinsic Ability)


Intensity is the most important stat for this build, as it relies heavily on stunning the enemies around you. After that, look to improve your armor and willpower with Resilience and Resolve respectively.


Equipment perks here should focus on getting you the Hulkbuster as soon as possible. Anything that can help you activate it more frequently is the best course of action.


This build doesn’t focus on murdering entire armies that might stand against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but stunning them and absorbing whatever tiny amount of damage they manage instead. It's built around the Hulkbuster Ultimate Heroic Ability, and more specifically the Disruption Pulse, as this ability allows you to deal out massive amounts of stun damage, which is only increased by the Stun Mastery skill as well. Coupled with the Titanium Bravado, you’ll be able to neutralize most attackers before they do any damage, and soak up anything that remains.

With this you can wade into the heart of even the most ruthless mob and stun half of them, allowing the Iron Man, or another member of the team to dispatch them all quickly and easily. The advantage of using Iron Man as a tank is that even when not in his Hulkbuster, the support heroic can be an effective stun weapon that can help disrupt large attacks and mobs for the rest of the team. You’ll need to make sure that you can deal damage for this role to be effective, but if your focus  should be defensive abilities other than the Disruption Pulse to make the most effective tank.

Ms. Marvel


Ms. Marvel is the heart and soul of the Avengers in this universe, reuniting and reinspiring them throughout the single player game. She’s also probably the least known for anyone that only saw the Avengers through the MCU.

But while she can be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, her powers can also keep everyone fighting and inspire them to destroy even more robots.

Key Skills

Team Spirit (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Boundless Inspiration (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Focused Heart (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Doctor's Orders (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)


This build focuses around Ms Marvel’s heroic abilities, so Valor is the most important stat to focus on when making it. After that, look to improve whatever you prefer doing when you aren’t saving the team, such as might.


Anything that can improve the cooldown of this build's heroic abilities will make Ms Marvel a more effective support character. But a balance between defense and damage will help her remain useful when the team doesn’t need a healer.


While there are a fair few key skills in this build, there’s plenty of room to add your own twist to how you want to play this character. The power of her Healing Spirit is greatly improved thanks to these skills, capable of fully restoring the team, but between those blasts of health what you do is your own. 

Staying near the team is important though, so typically it's probably best to focus on melee combat. But you’ll have to stay on top of your team’s needs and be ready to swap the damage out for healing as the situation arises.

Alternate Build - Tank

Ms. Marvel might be the youngest, and smallest member of the Avengers, but that latter limitation is only temporary. Her polymorphing ability allows her to reshape herself, and with the right skills, she can dominate the battle as a literal giant.

Key Skills

Shining Will (Primary - Intrinsic Ability)

Spirit Walk (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)
Obvious Distraction (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)
Fists of Fury (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Polymorphic Regeneration (Mastery - Efficiency)

Rapid Regeneration (Mastery - Intrinsic)


Tanks need willpower and armour, so Resilience and Resolve are the most important stats for this build. But because this tank relies heavily on her Ultimate ability, Valor has to come in a high third.


Like the stats, you should be focusing on willpower and armor improvements, as well as anything that lets you 'embiggen' yourself more. After that you can look to improve your melee damage, as you won’t need your ranged attacks much at all.


As a tank, Ms. Marvel’s role in the team is to redirect as much of the enemy's fire as possible towards herself. But on top of that she needs to stay alive too. This build is designed to give Ms. Marvel as much health as possible while being able to take as much attention as possible as well. Obvious Distraction is the improvement that will make her an effective tank as she takes aggro from the rest of the team every time she Embiggens herself. Fists of Fury means she can keep up the attention for longer. 

Meanwhile her Shining Will and its various upgrades, as well as her Spirit Walk upgrade for Healing Spirit means she’ll be able to take a lot more punishment before getting into trouble.

The drawback to this build though is that her tank-i-ness relies on her embiggen ability, that can have a long cooldown. Making her an effective melee fighter can reduce the need for a tank, but it's important to keep an eye on that cooldown when big fights break out. 


Crowd Control

The God of Thunder is known to be a bit uncaring, and a little dim. But in combat, both in the comics and in the old Norse tales, he was a force to be reckoned with. But while he might be best known for pretending to marry a giant and slaying many more in the old religion, he is better suited to taking care of crowds of smaller people in Marvel’s Avengers.

Key Skills

Ymir’s Wrath (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Asgard's Fortune (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Son of the Elder Gods (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Rolling Thunder (Speciality - Assault Heroic Ability)

Muspelheim’s Torment (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Invigorating Bifrost (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)

Heroic Mastery Takedown (Mastery - Melee)


This build focuses heavily on all the heroic abilities available to Thor, so making sure you have a high Valor is the most important thing. After that, you’ll want to balance out between Might, Precision and Proficiency to deal all the damage you need to deal. Thanks to your flight, you shouldn’t need to worry about the defensive stats too much.


Find equipment perks that compliment your heroic abilities for this build, but the choice is more or less up to player preference.


Thor is capable of incredible damage over huge areas, and this build focuses on those. You’ll notice that the key skills are nearly all from the specialty section, and rather than focusing on one heroic ability, they focus on all. That’s because this build is about swapping between them where necessary, and depending on the formation of the enemy units, to neutralise as many as possible.

Thor is most effective when he’s in the middle of the action, so you should be flying into the fray, unleashing your divine energy, then flying back out again to find the next army to sunder. Although he is a God, this build doesn’t give Thor a lot of willpower to spare, so be ready to get out of a fight that isn’t going your way.

Alternate Build - Ranged DPS

There's not many versions of Thor you could picture that stays away from the fight, but Marvel's Avengers God of Thunder makes a pretty good ranged DPS. Thanks to his flying ability and the impressive abilities you can get with Mjölnir, Thor can be very effective at long range, but it comes with a cost.

Key Skills

Thunderstorm (Speciality - Assault Support Ability)

Ranged Damage (Mastery - Melee)

Unarmed Damage (Mastery - Melee)

Impact Explosion (Mastery - Ranged)

High Velocity (Mastery - Ranged)

Flying Shot (Mastery - Ranged)


Precision, Proficiency, and Valor are the top three stats for this build, but don’t forget about intensity. You want to make sure you don’t get stunned as you shouldn’t be spending many points in the defensive stats given your range.


With this build, your equipment should deflect any difficulties you're finding with the character. If you feel you're not doing enough damage during the battle, focus on anything that improves the situation, especially if you can tie it in with lightning damage. If instead, you're still getting knocked a few to many times, looking at focusing on protective equipment, especially anything that helps while in the air.


This build turns the God of Thunder into a hit and run hero, capable of dealing incredible damage before taking off when the enemies get too close. Focus on raining down ranged damage, using the Impact Explosion to deal heavy area of effect damage. If enemies get to close you can get them with your Unarmed Damage between throwing your hammer at distant foes.

If you start getting overwhelmed, then it's time to use you God Blast assault heroic, and then fly away. With Flying Shot you can fly straight over the main fight, do some damage, and then position yourself on the opposite side to start throwing your hammer again. Never be a stationary target as Thor, and try and stay off the ground as much as you can.

Captain America

Crowd Control / Melee DPS

Captain America is a warrior through and through. While he can throw his shield when he has to, and certainly knows how to take a punch or several, his greatest asset both on and off the comic pages have always is the ability to punch nazis… and other such bad guys, right in the face.

It's no surprise then that Captain America in Marvel’s Avengers makes one of the most effective melee DPS heroes in the game at launch. For those of you who read the basics guide, you’ll find this hero build familiar as we can’t find anything that bests this setup.

Key Skills

Fighting Spirit (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)
Adrenaline Rush (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)
CQC Specialist (Speciality - Ultimate Heroic Ability)
Heroic Takedown Mastery (Mastery - Combat)


Your most important stat for this build will be your Valor as most of its strength comes from Brooklyn Brawler. You’ll want to make sure your might and proficiency aren’t bad either, but your main focus should be Valor, as well as the defensive stats (Resolve, Resilience and Intensity) since you’ll need to stay in the middle of the action.


Make sure you have a perk or two that offer defensive buffs that might save your life when the tide is turning. Otherwise, focus again on damage output or extending that Brooklyn Brawler. Blitz perks that increase your damage are great and think about adding some damage modifiers as well, so you can exploit the enemy's weakness where possible. 


With all of this equipped, Captain America becomes a wrecking ball on the battlefield. In every fight, you will need to rush into the centre of large mobs and activate your Brooklyn Brawler Ultimate. As soon as its active start takedown-ing as many enemies as possible. With all your skills you should find that your Brooklyn Brawler cooldown will have ended before the actual ability has, meaning you can reactivate it the second it ends.

Make sure to keep an eye on the number of enemies left though, as you need to use takedowns to most efficiently cool down your heroic. If there's only a handful left, hold your ult for the next wave and start again.

With a little practice, this build can effectively hold back entire melee mobs completely alone. You’ll have to be careful of ranged and flying enemies though.

Alternate Build - Support

Captain America has had a somewhat rocky history as the de facto leader of the Avengers, in the game, the MCU, and throughout the comics. Nevertheless, he always at least tries to pick up the mantle and keep the team together.

This build is one that focuses on buffing your other team and the Rally Cry heroic, its a support role that can quickly amplify your team and turn the tide of a fight that isn’t going your way. That might not sound the most interesting but it still means you’ll get stuck in every situation, and can take the credit for every win, and pass the buck for every loss. Think of it as the older sibling build.

Key Skills

Field Commander (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Hold The Line (Speciality - Support Heroic Ability)

Energy Recharge Quick Start (Mastery - Efficiency)


As a support Captain America, you’ll want a well-balanced character, capable of defending yourself and dealing out damage. But most importantly you’ll want your Valor as high as possible to boost your team more with each Rally Cry.


Again you’ll want as much balance as possible with your equipment perks, but probably focusing on defensive and heroic cooldown. While you will be stuck in the fight, your job isn’t to get the kills, so make sure you’re keeping yourself and your team alive, with any damage dealt more of a bonus. Any ‘Spark’ equipment will help this class out.


This build is for a frontline support class. You won’t be at the back, but right in the middle with the rest of the team, so make sure you’re not straying too far away from them at any time. When the fight kicks off in earnest your job is to tag as many enemies with Rally Cry as possible. This imposes a damage buff against them, letting your team clean up quickly and aggressively. The added Hold The Line ability will generate some healing as well, keeping your team topped off. The challenge with this build, like support classes across most games, is knowing when you use your abilities, because a wasted one might damage the team more than help them.

But you shouldn’t just be thinking about that heroic. With a high Valor stat, you can also use your Brooklyn Brawler and Steamroller powers to great effect, but these should be your secondary concern and keeping an eye on your team has to be the focus.

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