Marvel’s Avengers Guide to All Known Comic and Intel Locations


Third-person action-adventure? A variety of different locations and levels to smash, blast, and swing your way through? Then you shouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that Marvel’s Avengers has plenty of collectibles to gather up.

The collectibles in Marvel’s Avengers come in two different flavours. Firstly, there’s a whole stack of comics for you to find throughout the campaign, featuring your favourite heroes, which provide a handy little stat boost as well. On top of that, there’s also the intelligence collectibles that add to the lore of the game and the world (and your achievement collection too).

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Most of these can be found scattered throughout the levels of the single player campaign, but some are random, found in the various chests you’ll come across. This guide won’t point out all the chests available but is instead a detailed list of every collectible that can be found outside of chests.

They’ve been organised by the level you’ll find them, but be wary, some levels don’t have any collectibles at all. 

I Want To Be An Avenger

Each collectible in this level is found while you play as Kamala during the Avengers day celebration. Five of them are not optional (The Avengers comics) but there’s two you might miss amongst all the excitement.

A-Day Preparations (1 / 10)

The first and easiest to find. This collectible is found in the main area of this tutorial level. It’s lying on a table in the first area you come to, opposite the Iron Man exhibit.

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A-Day Preparations (2 / 10)

Hidden between the two entrances of the Captain America exhibit, this piece of intelligence is sitting alone on a shelf against the wall.

New Normal

After the fun-filled celebrations, we jump forward a bit and you’ll be able to find quite a collectibles as you dash around the rooftops, and other places, of New Jersey.

Jersey City Intelligence (1 / 6)

You can find this first piece of intelligence at the very beginning of the level. Keep an eye out for a wooden trail on the left after you scramble up your first wall and before you use the second zipline. The intelligence can be found behind the trellis, next to the barbeque.

Black Widow Comic (1 / 5)

This first comic in the New Normal is near the start of the level. After the second zipline, jump to the next rooftop and you can find this comic on top of a box on the right.

Captain Marvel Comic (1 / 5)

Once you make it to the secret hideout, you can find this one on a table on the left.

Jersey City Intelligence (2 / 6)

On the second floor of your secret hideout, this piece of intelligence can also be found on the left, on a desk this time.

Jersey City Intelligence (3 / 6) 

On the other side of the hideout on the same floor, between the Thor statue and a sloth cuddly toy, you can find this one.

Jersey City Intelligence (4 / 6) 

Back outside, this one is a little further through the level. Once you’ve snuck across a ledge and spied on a couple in their apartment and swung on to the next rooftop, be one the lookout for a rooftop to the left with some neat hedges along the wall. Jump over there and head backward around the corner to find this one. 

Jersey City Intelligence (5 / 6) 

At the end of the block, you’ll find another rooftop to the left (that looks over Heroes Park). You’ll find this collectible sitting on a pallet just waiting for anyone to take it.

Jersey City Intelligence (6 / 6) 

There are no collectibles in the park, but when you leave through the sewers, you can find this one by ignoring the ladder you need to use and continuing down the tunnel. It will be on the table on the left, next to the blockage that stops you going any further.

The Road Back

Out of the city and into the wild canyons of Utah, this place is crawling with collectibles to snap up.

The Avengers Disband (1 / 7)

The first collectible here can be found in the concrete bunker near the beginning of the level. Check the open fusebox on the right when you enter.

The Avengers Disband (2 / 7)

Just outside the bunker is a metal box in the cliff wall to the right, this second one is there. 

Comic (? / ?)

Once you’ve boarded the Chimera, you should be able to spot a chest straight in front of you. Inside there's always a comic, but it hasn’t been confirmed if it's always the same one.

The Avengers Disband (3 / 7)

Behind the chest with the comic is a short corridor made of junk that turns to the right. You can find this piece of intelligence by following it around the corner.

The Avengers Disband (4 / 7)

On the Bridge of the Chimera (or the Command Deck or whatever they call it), you can find this piece of intelligence near the windows. Look for the resistance piece past the sleeping cots and you should find it on a nearby crate.

A-Day Preparations (3 / 10)

Carrying along the horseshoe shape of the gangway, you can find this one at the very end from where you started, on some scaffolding.

A-Day Preparations (4 / 10)

After your encounter with the Incredibly friendly Hulk, you’ll gain the ability to smash through walls. As soon as you smash through the first set of doors, head up the tiny staircase in front of you and find this piece atop some debris.

Banner’s Descent (1 / 6)

Once you make it to the hangar bay, immediately take a right, up the first flight of stairs and find a door you can smash. Do so, and you just find the intel inside on the left.

Hulk Comic (1 / 6)

Circle the same jet and you can find the first Hulk comic on a workbench, near the cockpit. I think it's cute that Banner reads the Hulk comics, by the way.

The Avengers Disband (5 / 7)

At the far end of the hangar bay (straight in front of where you came in), this piece of intel is hiding on a table next to some oil barrels.

The Avengers Disband (6 / 7)

Head back towards the fighter jets and take a right past the one you haven’t investigated, and you should find this piece of intel on a table against the wall behind it. 

To Find Olympia

Don’t worry about looking for collectibles while you're Hulk-smashing your way through the canyons, although there are a handful of chests scattered throughout his section. But once you’re inside the base, its time to start paying more attention.

Rise of AIM Intelligence (1 / 4)

After destroying some green glowing gamma radiation things, you’ll progress to a room with a small ramp leading forward. Head straight up the ramp then immediately turn right and Hulks mighty hands can snatch this intel from the top of a crate.

Rise of AIM Intelligence (2 / 4)

Once you start climbing your way up the inside of the structure, keep an eye out for when you climb up a half-raised yellow platform. Once on the floor above, there should be a jump to your right with some AIM troopers taking aim. Ignore them and instead turn around, and go past the safety fence to find this piece of intel in the corner.

Rise of AIM Intelligence (3 / 4)

Once you're working your way through the labs, keep an eye out for Lab 1D. This intel can be found at the back of the door on a desk near the automatic doors.

Rise of AIM Intelligence (4 / 4)

As soon as you’re back as Kamala look to your left to find this collectible waiting for you on a table. 

Hulk Comic (2 / 6)

Shortly after turning the power back on you’ll find a room filled with ancient computers and Avengers museum pieces. On the far left wall, next to a computer older than Kamala, you’ll find this comic.

Hulk Comic (3 / 6)

After the mission, you’ll return to the Chimera and have a chance to explore the ship in a slightly more tidy state before setting off on the next adventure. There’s loads of chests to find, but you can find this comic by taking the stairs down to Bruce’s room as soon as you start. It's on a table inside.

House Call

The first collectible you’ll find in House Call is once you start playing as Tony, but there are a few chests to find around the cliffs as Kamala.

Golden Acres (1 / 3)

As Tony, once you enter the mansion proper, you’ll almost immediately see a painting at the other end of the room you’re in. The intel is directly underneath it.

Black Widow Comic (2 / 5)

After that head into the next room. Ignore the large dining table with the lights on it, and head around the boxes of wine and make your way to the right hand corner. This comic is on an old dusty set of drawers there.

Around the Bases

After that level, you’ll run through a few that don’t seem to have any collectibles, but there are of course chests to watch out for. Between them though, you’ll play as various Avengers as they explore the base and ready up for the next mission. During this time, you can find the occasional bit of intel or comic lying around.

Captain America Comic (1 / 5)

Playing as Tony Stark as it wanders/repairs the Chimera, you can find this comic in his (Tony Stark’s room) onboard.

Generations Comic (1 / 5)

While exploring the Ant Hill as Kamala you can find this comic on the workstation next to Pym, overlooking what I like to think is a Stargate.

To Stand Alone

Having helped restart the Avengers Programme, Kamala sets out on her own to help some other Inhumans. There's quite a lot of collectibles and chests to find in this mission so don't rush through it.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (1 / 7)

Once you’re outside, you’ll be leaping over a few cliffs and platforms. After a few jumps, you’ll find yourself heading into a cave, the intel will be on a crate on the right-hand side, it's hard to miss.

Thor Comic (1 / 9)

Following the cave around a corner, you should see a lip on the right-hand side you can jump to. Up on that ledge you can find this comic, and a chest as well.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (2 / 7)

After you’ve swapped to play as Black Widow and done a little infiltrating, you’ll come to a robot-baddie factory. Make your way up the stairs to the large electrical machine (its hard to miss) and immediately turn around. Now on your left should be some crates next to the stairs you just climbed. The intel is on top of them.

Ms. Marvel Comic (1 / 5)

A little later on, you’ll come into a large, extremely evil looking office. Check for the red-tinted aesthetic and giant logo on the far wall and you’ll know you’re in the right place. On the nearest bench on the left you can find this comic.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (3 / 7)

Staying in the space office, head over the villain's desk at the far side to find this intel roughly in the middle.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (4 / 7)

From there, go into the side room just away from the villain's desk into a blue-tinted room. On one of the computer terminals in front of you is this piece of intel.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (5 / 7)

In the Inhuman Holding Cells area that looks like a mix between the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre and a shipping container warehouse, make your way across the platforms until you reach the automatic door on your left. Run past it to some containers at the end of the gangway and find this intel amongst them.

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (6 / 7)

After the missions, you’ll once again be able to explore the Chimera, but this time as Black Widow, with a few new bits of intel to find. The first one is on the second floor of the crew section, on top of some crates near Kamala's room. 

Monica’s Lab Intelligence (7 / 7)

The final one can be found just outside of Roy’s shop, which is conveniently located just down the steps and to the right from the previous piece of intel.

Once an Avenger

Ms. Marvel Comic (2 / 5)

As soon as you start the mission, you’ll want to turn left where you can see a chest. On the table to the left of that chest is also this comic.

Found on the Chimera Intelligence (1 / 1)

After Iron Man closes the door on a heavy attack, you’ll see a chest to the left. On the table near the door on the right though is this piece of intel.

Rocket Man

AIM Space Lab Intelligence (1 / 3)

This first one is hard to miss. When the level starts proper, it's pretty much right in front of you. Just remember to actually pick it up.

AIM Space Lab Intelligence (2 / 3)

The second one isn’t much further away either. After picking up the first one, go into the next large room, and do a sort of U shape around the space boxes to the control panel that lets you unlock the next door. Once inside, the intel should be on your left.

AIM Space Lab Intelligence (3 / 3)

This last one, on the other hand, is quite easy to miss. After destroying the turrets in the large circular room, you’ll descend down into a passage with some pits in the floor. Jump over the first one, then look to your right. There should be an alcove with the final intel just there.

Starktech Outfits

Once you’ve freed the prisoner and collected everything for Starktech Outfits, you’ll have some time to explore the Chimera one final time, and there’s at least one collectible to grab before Mayhem over Manhattan.

Ms. Marvel Comic (3 / 5)

In the hanger bay where Thor is showing off some of his lightning tricks, make your way up the stairs to the high gangway. In the corner, you can find a chest and a comic.  

And that’s it. Congratulations, hero! We might be adding to this list in the immediate future if we find any more ourselves. Stay tuned for more, and check out our starter guide to character progression and equipment, too!

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