Marching Fire, For Honor’s Biggest Update, Is Live Now and Delivers Graphical Enhancements Alongside New Content

Ubisoft announced that Marching Fire, the biggest update ever released for For Honor, is live now on all platforms. There's a ton of content included such as a brand new Chinese themed faction (Wu Lin), two new modes (Breach and Arcade) and even a graphical remaster.

Those who already own For Honor can purchase the Marching Fire expansion at $29.99, while there's now a new For Honor - Marching Fire Edition that also includes the base game for newcomers.

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The Wu Lin Faction is coming! Expand your world with 4 new Heroes instantly- the Tiandi, the Shaolin, the Jiang Jun and the Nuxia. Also get Day 1 access to the new Arcade Mode, an endless PVE experience playable solo or co-op with a friend.


The Wu Lin are a faction of warriors within the walls of Ancient China. Four Wu Lin warriors now travel West seeking vengeance from war, betrayal, and personal tragedies. They fight to claim their rightful place in the next Dynasty.


The Shaolin are fierce warrior monks known for their athletic, monkey-like fight style, and their prowess with a staff. They hold their written prayers close to them at all times.


The Tiandi are loyal protectors to Kings, Queens, and Emperors. They are masters of the dao blade, the weapon of choice for these Royal Guards.

Jiang Jun

The Jiang Jun are generals among the Ancient Chinese armies. They are wise leaders who have mastered the guandao weapon.


The Nuxia are trained bodyguards and assassins who often disguised their talents through dance. They are deadly artists of the hook swords.

New PvP Game Mode - Breach

Live the fantasy of storming or protecting a well-fortified castle equipped with ballistas, fire cauldrons, and archers.

Attackers must breach the castle using a battering ram, while defenders must try to stop them at all costs to protect their lord.

This strategic, team-based multiplayer mode brings an adrenaline-fused layer of depth to the game, along with three new maps.


Arcade is a new solo or co-op mode where players fight battles and earn rewards that carry over to all multiplayer modes. Explore new Heroes and level them up before taking them into PvP. Offering infinite replayability, this quick play mode will deliver a new battle every time with varying objectives, enemies, and modifiers.


Marching Fire also brings free graphical enhancements to the world of For Honor with updated and enriched textures, improved global illumination, and new sky and cloud technology. Further improvements include an updated user interface that will allow players to get into matches faster.

For Honor Marching Fire Before and After Image
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