Apple’s Macbook And Other Peripherals To Finally Get Touch ID Upgrade This Year Claims Source

Apple's upcoming MacBooks, Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad might be getting some good updates this year if a rumor form a Taiwanese website is to be believed. According to the site apple,club,tw, the Cupertino manufacturer intends to introduce fingerprint technology on several of its devices this year.

apple_macbook_pro_early_2011_family_914664_g1Apple To Introduce Touch ID In Macbooks, Magic Mouse And Magic Trackpad This Year

Appleclub makes some interesting claims for Apple's products this year. The site clims that Touch ID would see an integration above the trackpad on the MacBooks and will be integrated directly with the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. Fingerprint scanning has been a feature present in many notebooks for quite a while, and its due time that Apple also makes steps towards this on its MacBooks. Addition of Touch ID on the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad would also end up giving these products an additional boost of features that could increase their overall popularity in consumers. After all, a mouse with Touch ID could mean opening up of a variety of new features and services for users all around.

However, before you get your hopes up, you should know that while the prospects of Touch ID integration on these Apple products do sound exciting, the design, manufacturing and security constraints rising due to such plans aren't too small to overlook either. Touch ID integration would mean that Apple's going to need to beef up security and make several design changes on the aforementioned products. After all, whose to say that after Touch ID gets introduced on your Magic Mouse, someone with malicous intent won't find a way to access your data? So wait for more information to surface before you believe anything for sure. Stay tuned. We'll keep you updated as this develops.

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