Little Nightmares Switch Port in Development at Engine Software – Rumor


A Little Nightmares Switch port is currently in development at Engine Software if a LinkedIn resume is to believed.

On his LinkedIn resume, game programmer Peter Maandag mentions that he’s currently working on “porting Little Nightmares to Nintendo Switch using Unreal Engine 4”.

Little Nightmares II Free Now For Stadia Pro Subscribers

Rumors about a Little Nightmares Switch version already erupted last month when a Russian Reddit user claimed to work on a store that received a Nintendo mailing list that mentioned the game.

Dutch studio Engine Software has been responsible for the Monopoly, Rive: Ultimate Edition and Oceanhorn Switch ports.

Originally developed by Tarsier Studios, Little Nightmare was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC last year after being officially announced in 2016.

“We’ve been working with the  Little Nightmares project for the last year and from the moment we came on board it was very clear to us that the game’s distinctive artistic identity was worth supporting. Its grim and whimsical universe really sets it apart and offers a singular experience: mixing frightening and light-hearted moments. We can’t wait to watch people play it at Gamescom and see their reactions” said Samuel Gatte - Senior Director of Production & Product Support at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe back in August of 2016.

Little Nightmares II Launch Trailer Reveals Creepy Gameplay

“It’s taken us about 10 years to come to this moment, to reveal the most exciting game in our company history, a dark, thrilling tale of grotesque misfits! Since publishing the teaser last year we've worked day and night to bring the game to life, and now, we are beyond excited to show our first original game at Gamescom,  LITTLE NIGHTMARES” said Andreas Johnsson - Business Developer & Deputy CEO at Tarsier Studios.

You can check out the game’s Xbox launch trailer below:

In case you're interested: you can read our very own review of the game right here. We've already included a short paragraph from that review below:

While there are aren’t jump scares per se, the tension itself really never let’s go. Six is often treated the same way you would when you see a mouse in your apartment. You want to get rid of it at all costs. Little Nightmares makes you feel like that mouse. In the five hours it took me to complete the story mode, I felt uncomfortable, uneasy and freaked out the entire time.