LG V45 Could Be Named the First 5G Smartphone From the Company, With Cameras and Display Parts Reportedly Remaining the Same


The upcoming LG V40 is expected to sport incremental upgrades over the V35, and the G7 ThinQ. However, according to the latest information, the V45, which we should be expecting during the second half of 2019 is said to be the company’s first 5G-capable smartphone. Could LG finally be encouraged to manufacture more units of the V45 because it will give users better access to the next-generation connectivity?

LG V45 Could Be Thicker Than Its Predecessors Thanks to the Presence of a 5G Modem - Here’s Why

LG V45 could feature a Snapdragon 865 because our earlier reported leaks have stated that this is the chipset that will get the Snapdragon X50 5G modem and not the Snapdragon 855. We do not know how much of a difference can we expect between the Snapdragon 865 and the Snapdragon 855, but we do believe that both SoCs are going to be manufactured using the 7nm architecture.

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The presence of a 5G antenna might require LG to manufacture a slightly thicker V45 because an internal component is going to be generating more heat, and that happens to be the latest antenna. Earlier reports have also said that OEMs will have to start incorporating better cooling solutions in 5G-capable devices in order to keep them in their thermal limits. A 5G modem could generate more heat than previous-generation modems, which is also why a report published by us stated that it could take a while before such smartphones start to gain mainstream traction.

Coming back to the LG V45, the upcoming flagship is said to share the camera modules and display parts belonging to the V40, which is said to be launched later this year, along with some parts from the G7 ThinQ. This move will be made in order to reduce the overall costs of the V45, which is not a bad decision, but if LG can get their pricing strategy in order, the flagship can end up selling very well.

However, tacking on a 5G antenna is not going to be enough for the LG V45 to sell considerably well in the market. What do you think the Korean manufacturer should aim for in order to end its financial losses in the smartphone business? Tell us down in the comments.

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News Source: ETNews