Strangely Enough, 44% of Americans Have No Idea What 5G Technology Is


Surecall, a cellular signal booster company, has found out in its new study that around half of all American adults have no clue what 5G is. Even though 95 percent of United States consumers have a cell phone, only 56 percent of them have heard of 5G networks, and only a few of them understand what the advent of these next-gen networks would really do.

Half of those who have heard about the fifth generation of mobile networks correlate it with better network speeds, 15 percent of the survey participants said that they expect the upcoming revolution to decease the frequency of dropped mobile calls.

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Survey Also Details That 50 Percent of Consumers in the U.S. Would Not Consider to Replace Their Current Internet Service With a 5G-Based Service

The survey also asked the participants about 5G fixed wireless access, which is broadband alternative offered by Verizon in the U.S. In the past, a good many network operators and industry analysts were skeptical about FWA. The new study has revealed that consumers echo those doubts.

Even though millennials are the most receptive to technology, only 13 percent of adults below the age of 35 said that they would consider giving up Wi-Fi broadband for 5G services, provided they get faster data transfer rates. Overall, more than 50 percent of the consumers in America wouldn’t consider replacing their current internet with a 5G-based solution. The same research said that 40 percent haven’t made up their mind.

Even the consumers who have heard about the term haven’t thought much about the implication of the fifth generation of mobile networks and how it would affect the way they use technology in the future.

Also, 48 percent of the participants said that they would be reluctant to pay more for 5G services no matter what benefits it provides or how it improves their digital experience, while 35 percent said they haven’t made a decision yet. SureCall’s survey included 1,137 United States residents aged 18 and above. Naturally, since the sample size is really small, it may not be accurate representation of what the reality.

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