Google Engineers Visit LG Factories – Rumors Spark about Nexus 7 being Made by LG

Engineers from Google have reportedly visited LG headquarters sparking rumors that LG will be responsible for the Nexus 7. Could it just be a mundane visit by Google execs or some deal has been locked?

LG to manufacture Nexus 7?

The question that who will be making the next Nexus smartphone has always remained one that attracts many answers. Rumors earlier this year suggested that Huawei will be taking the title of creating next gen Nexus smartphone. However, today's news indicate that LG might be in the queue as well.

While we think that it shouldn't be a big deal for Google execs to meet their fellows at LG - after all LG is Google's old OEM friend - Korean press thinks this is not just a regular trip to Asia. Reports from Korean eToday suggest that this visit might be about Google talking to LG to manufacture its Nexus 7 smartphone.

Reports also details that the engineers also visited LG's factories indicating this indeed is about the creation of next gen smartphone. While we would suggest you to take this news with some salt, it is quite possible for this deal to work as the timing seems very appropriate for such a meeting.

Nexus 7 project is titled as N000; it would be LG's third time to produce a Nexus smartphone. Previously, it was responsible for Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. Samsung has worked on two Nexus smartphones, HTC on the original Nexus One, while Motorola is the maker of the very latest Nexus 6 smartphone.

What do you think about LG taking the flag back to manufacture next gen Nexus? Would you rather have some other OEM take this job? Let us know in the comments.

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