LG G6 US Release Date Leaked and It’s Somewhere During the Month of April


LG G6 pre-orders are over and the flagship has started getting sold officially, at least in South Korea so while it enjoys a mild amount of success there, customers living in the United States have some time to get their hands on the phone. It is going to start selling from next month and because the flagship is not going to come cheap, you’d best prepare your wallets.

LG G6 Inbound for the United States From the First Week of April – Price Could Start From $799

Evleaks is at it again when it comes to leaks based out of Twitter and an update from his side claims that the G6 will start to get sold in the United States starting from April 7. With the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus expected to get announced on March 29 and officially get sold from April 28, LG has a great lead in getting a large number of shipments through. Although the SoC in the G6 is inferior to the Galaxy S8 from every aspect, there are other perks of owning the smartphone.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

However, you should be warned beforehand that becoming the owner of the flagship will force you to shell out a decent amount of money because LG G6 will not come cheap. In an interview, LG’s mobile chief said that the retail price of the company’s G6 would be slightly less than $800, so you’d best be ready to pay a premium amount if you want to get your hands on the very best.

Another thing you need to be informed about is the differences in specifications between the US-based version and the international version. What this means is that you will be getting 32GB of native storage out of the box, and according to the specs of the pre-released versions, a hefty amount of that storage is going to be consumed by the OS and pre-loaded applications, so it is highly recommended that you purchase a MicroSD card as soon as possible.

The second difference is that the US-based version will provide support for Qi wireless charging but will not feature a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, so you will lose out on listening to stellar audio quality in the process.