Buying the LG G6 Means That You Will Need a MicroSD Card Much Sooner


When the G6 officially hits markets, the flagship will be available in two internal storage models. There are some regions where the 32GB internal storage model is going to be sold and if you do get your hands on that, then in it imperative that you get your hands on a MicroSD card sooner rather than later.

32GB LG G6 Does Not Leave a Whole Lot of Available Storage for the User to Capitalize Upon

The 32GB internal storage model is going to be sold in the United States and in case you were wondering, this is also the model that will provide support for wireless charging. There is also a 64GB internal storage model but keep in mind that this particular version is an international variant and if you happen to get your hands on this one, then you have nothing to worry about (except to see if your network is compatible with it). However, according to the details posted by Android Central, the 32GB storage model does not give a whole lot to the user since most of the storage is already used up by the operating system and pre-installed applications.

LG G6 Get Android Pie on Verizon and in Europe

The source reports that pre-release versions of the flagship are coming with a little under 21GB of internal storage, meaning that the entire system is utilizing a whopping 11GB of memory on just the native storage alone. Installing a few applications coupled with shooting high-resolution videos, and you will quickly see that this storage fills up at a scary pace, so it is highly recommended that after you get your hands on this particular model, you will expand your storage as fast as possible.

The G6 has officially not made it to the United States but if it does we will inform you about. It is possible that the company introduces a bunch of freebies that also includes a MicroSD card, which will ultimately prevent users from making that purchase in the future. However, if such a thing does not happen, then you’d be wise to pick up a 32GB storage card at the very least so that you can save yourself a headache in the long run.