LG G Flex – Flexible Design Can Now “Self-Heal” itself From Scratches!

Announced last month, LG G Flex with its flexible design and curved 1080p HD display is all set to take on the Samsung Galaxy Round. A recent video from LG shows that the device is more than just a bent smartphone. While Samsung is offering a bent smartphone called Galaxy Round, LG has added a next-gen self-healing technology to the offering.

They have coated the entire device with this self-healing technology and are claiming it will be able to heal and hide scratches and scuffs! Added to this is the the flexible design which will essentially help Flex handle its share of drops. LG G Flex is curved from top to bottom and you can actually bent it back completely without any ill effects.

Drop it, scratch it, or sit on your LG G Flex, it won't break. That is what LG is telling us in this video. Back seems durable enough but we cannot be sure about the flexible plastic AMOLED display. LG also doesn't mention if the display is also able to self-heal itself and resistant to scratches.

Even with this new technology-coated back, G Flex will be something to get with its top tier specs, 5.9 inch, 1080p display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.

If you are thinking to get the LG G Flex, reports confirm it will be available from AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Verizon is expected to carry G Flex too, considering its previous attachment with most of the LG devices in the past.

We have yet to wait for some confirmed releasing dates of this new LG G Flex smartphone.

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