Will The LG G Flex’s Curved Screen Break – Drop Test

Sohaib Ahmad

You may be expecting the new 'curved' and folded screens to provide your phone some cover when u drop it accidentally. The new LG G Flex has an awesome curved screen with exceptional features. One of it being the 'healing' feature. G Flex's screen has limited capabilities to cure itself of some inflicted scratches. This is an effect is a first, further modifications to this technology may even cure broken screens in the future.

Will The LG G Flex Break?

Without further ado we come right to topic, Android authority tried a stunning feat. They got their hands on a G Flex and tested its durability in drop tests. You wouldn't expect the screen to fall flat because of the curve but the durability has only improved slightly. It is still prone to damage from the sides. Check out some pics.

LG G Flex

Check out the smooth screen, for its gonna break soon.

The screen looks stunning even though its has a relatively low 720p resolution.

LG G Flex

Damage from first drop, notice the screen has cracked from the side.

You didn't expect the back cover to break, did you?

LG G Flex on its way to total destruction.

LG G Flex

Although the screen is cracked, the phone must have been usable to some extent.

Well, after a large number of drops even the bezel has started to look horrible. Once a graceful phone has now been turned into a crack-fest. The Self healing technology did erase some minor scratches, it obviously couldn't undo huge cracks

While we are expecting a beyond full HD screen to grace our eyes via the upcoming Galaxy S5, the concept of curved screens also looks promising. Imagine integrating a high resolution matrix into a curved display creating a perfect screen. Expect the LG G Flex to appear in markets soon ( Q1 2014), it is already in mass production.. Although it has only one competitor in the Galaxy round, curved/folded screens are here to stay.

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