World’s First Curved Battery – Battery Life Test

The world's first curved phone, first vertically curved phone that is to say is the LG G Flex. It is expected to enter European markets soon. It houses in it's body the world's first battery which is curved itself. It is a massive 3500 mAh battery which is colossal by smartphone standards. The curved battery however is not user replaceable.Lets see how it fares.

LG G Flex Battery Life Test

Phonearena benchmarked the G Flex's battery and the results are spectacular. It performed in line with expectations, after all it was a huge 3500 mAh battery. The G Flex managed a 7 hour and 11 minute score on the custom script. This is quite good when comparing with other phones.



LG has done a brilliant job,  LG uses a new type of battery that is flexible and stacked. The G Flex stands in the top phones when judging battery life. It is not a bad phone altogether. The G Flex's 6 inch screen has 1280 x 720 pixels, slightly low by today's standards. The Snapdragon 800 is ticking inside it, the low resolution screen helps in the battery life as well as in benchmarks and real time performance. Other notable features include the "Self-Healing" back cover. It can "heal" certain scratches.

Expect the G Flex to easily last the day, mostly phones are kept idle when in pocket or they are resting inside a pouch etc. What do you say folks, you need curved batteries for your phones?

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