Latest Windows Themes: Stunning Panoramas, Majestic Rocks, Some of the Best Photography!

Awaiting the Windows 9, Microsoft's Windows 8.1 has become quite a fan favorite especially for those with a mouse and traditional keyboard. Albeit a large amount of Windows 7 users have been complaining since the release of Windows 8 for its lack of user friendliness and a dash of awkwardness that is usually felt maneuvering through the latest iteration of Windows. While things are expected to change with the next major Windows update in the shape of Windows 9, we are seeing some fantastic new Windows 8 themes to give your machine a completely new look. From night scenes of Budapest to icy-chill panoramas of Uppsala, Sweden and some artistic looking maps of Maryland and Alaska - you have got about everything here. Here are the links to these definitely eye-catching and quite serene Windows 8 themes. While the themes may have been advertised as Windows 8.1, you can enjoy it on any of your PCs.Windows 8 themes

Windows 8 themes:

Get the stunning backdrops, artistic maps taken from Bing, majestic rock formations and much more from the links below of Windows 8 themes:

Enjoy the stunning backdrops and quite an interesting array of intelligent photography and artistic mix with this Windows 8 themes bundles.

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