Kingpin Takes GTX 680 To 1442 MHz On Air Cooling

Sabeeh Qureshi

World recognized EVGA overclocker Kingpin has yet again managed to achieve a new record. Earlier, he had taken a watercooled EVGA GTX 680 to speeds of 1958 MHz on liquid cooling. Only this time, on air cooling managed to achieve a core clock of 1442 MHz.

As per details provided by VideoCardz, the hardware enthusiast had to apply 1.212V on the GPU core that let the card give out its best yet possible. The card used in this overclock was an EVGA GTX 680 SuperClocked that comes with a base and boost clock speed of 1058 MHz/1124 MHz respectively.

Thus, this is an overall increase of 28% in clock speeds when set to 1442 MHz. Alongside this, the rig used a combination of an Intel Core i7 3960X @ 4.98 GHz and 16 GB of DDR3 memory.

His 3D Mark 11 Performance Preset scores are detailed as below:

  • Overall Score: P12745
  • Graphics Score: 12577
  • Physics Score: 16951
  • Combined Score: 10020

Kingpin has been talking about reaching the 2 GHz barrier in the near future so better be prepared for more breaking record news soon!

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