NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Can Be Flashed To GeForce GTX 770


NVIDIA would be launching their GeForce GTX 770 by the end of this month but there's some new information found by Videocardz which suggest that current GeForce GTX 680 GPUs can be flashed into the upcoming card.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Can Be Flashed Into GeForce GTX 770?

The GeForce GTX 770 might be based on a different revision of the GK104-425 A2 but a reddit user found out that  the card is actually a GeForce GTX 680 in disguise. The GeForce GTX 680 can easily be flashed to become the GTX 770 by using a custom BIOS from the GTX 770 board, here's what the user had to say:

The upcoming GTX 770 is a GTX 680 in disguise. NVIDIA has gently revised the GK104 architecture, mostly with process improvements, but the 770 is basically the same beast! Which is good for us enthusiasts. 🙂

By flashing the included BIOS (.bin) to your board, then dropping the included .inf file into the 320.00 driver package before installation... you too can have a GTX 770 weeks before it's released! Please note it has to be a 320.xx driver, as support for the 700 Series was added in the DLLs around this time. Reddit

The user has provided a download link to the BIOS which can be flashed on the GTX 680 boards to evolve it into a GeForce GTX 770 however the flashing process should be done at your own risk.

GTX 680 To GTX 770 BIOS - GTX-770-BIOS

In addition to that, atleast the proof that's provided with the post has leaked the entire specifications for the GeForce GTX 770 GPU. The core clock is maintained at a high 1059 MHz while boost clock goes as far upto 1125 MHz which is pretty impressive, additionally It features a 2 GB GDDR5 memory running across a 256-bit bus and has 1536 cores, the same number as the previous generation flagship GeForce GTX 680. The memory runs at the 7 GHz effective which is very high and might be dangerous for current GTX 680 boards so as advised before, this process should be done at your own risk. Performance of the GPU is expected to be around 5-10% faster than the GeForce GTX 680 at a cost near the GeForce GTX 670 around $399-$449.

GeForce GTX TITAN GeForce GTX 780 GeForce GTX 770 GeForce GTX 760 Ti
GPU GK110 GK110 GK104-425 GK104-225
CUDA Cores 2688 2496 1536 1344
TMUs 224 208 128 112
ROPs 48 40 32 32
Interface 384-bit 384/320-bit 256-bit 256-bit
MSRP $999 $699 to $759 $399 $299

The GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770 have already been leaked and arrive by the end of this month, More details can be found here.