Kingdom Come Deliverance PC Patch 1.3.4 Out Now; Patch 1.4 Aimed to Be Released on All Platforms Next Week


Warhorse Studios has released Kingdom Come Deliverance PC patch 1.3.4 and is aiming to release patch 1.4 next week.

The 1.3.4 update is available now through both Steam and GOG, and fixes random encounter bugs. Additionally, the patch adds support for NVIDIA Ansel and Shadowplay. We’ve included the official release notes, as supplied by Warhorse, below:

Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.4.2 Completed and Being Tested; Will Be Released for PS4/XB1 Alongside Patch 1.4

Added in version 1.3.4
• Adding nVidia Ansel
• Adding ShadowPlay Highlights
• Bugfix: Random encounters during fast-travel

The team also writes that they hope to release patch 1.4 across all platforms next week. As with previous patches however, certification on both PS4 and Xbox One might require some additional time.

We’ll keep you updated as soon we learn more about update 1.4.