Jonsbo Announces the CR-2000 Twin Fin-Stack CPU Cooler


Jonsbo has announced the CR-2000, a type-D (or double fin-stack) CPU cooler. This cooler is perfect for the RGB fanatic, having RGB fans and a brushed metal top-plate that offers RGB lighting as well as showing the Jonsbo logo.

The CR-2000 CPU cooler utilizes a twin fin-stack design and offers support for up to three fans

The CR-2000 looks amazingly beefy, having a twin fin-stack design and has RGB lighting all over the CPU cooler, keeping the color theme of the PC completely intact.

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RGB Lighting

Jonsbo's CR-2000 CPU cooler has a large amount of RGB lighting, having both an illuminated metal top plate that has both the logo and design at the top and the bottom of the plate being illuminated. This allows this CPU cooler to show off the components and makes your PC stand out with the lighting, which is all powered from a single 3-pin 5 V ARGB cable.


Jonsbo's CR-2000 CPU cooler utilizes a six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU at the base. This direct contact allows for the better thermal transfer from the CPU to the heat pipes that brings the heat up to the two aluminum fin-stacks. These fin-stacks utilize two 120 mm fans to push and pull air through the stacks cooling them.

While this CPU cooler only comes with two fans, one able to be installed on the front stack and a second installed in the middle of the stack, there is enough space to mount a third fan on the end of the second stack, which allows for much better airflow. With the two fans, this CPU cooler has a fan airflow of 25.5 to 62.8 CFM. The Noise level, as listed on Jonsbo's product page, is 18.1 to 29.5 dBA at the highest settings of the fan.

Other Details

The overall size of this CPU cooler is 159 mm x 120 mm x 134 mm (in the format of LxWxH), and this CPU cooler weights a total of 900 grams.

This CPU cooler offers support for Intel's popular sockets (LGA775/ 1150 /1151 /1155 /1156) and AMD's popular sockets (AM4 /AM3+ /AM3 /AM2+ /AM2 /FM2+ /FM2 /FM1) as well. Jonsbo hasn't mentioned any support for either Intel's HEDT socket or AMD's HEDT socket, Jonsbo also has not stated what the CR-2000 will be priced at.