JONSBO Announced The CR-1100 Tower-Type CPU Cooler in a Bubblegum Pink


Jonsbo announces the CR-1100 tower-type CPU cooler in Pink that it has some fantastic features this includes a fantastic color change from the standard grey and black CPU cooler. This CPU cooler is perfect for PC builders that love to add vibrant colors to their systems, and this CPU cooler also features RGB support on the fans and the top of the CPU cooler.

Jonsbo's CR-1100 CPU cooler now comes in a pink version, perfect for bubblegum builds or for anyone looking to add some color to their PC build

The major difference between this new CPU cooler and Jonsbo's standard CR-1100 cooler is the significant color change. The Original CR-1100 CPU cooler features a gray and black design with a lighter gray on either side with a black line right behind that.

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The new pink color change significantly changes these colors to be pink and white. The pink color replacing the gray color from the original and the white color replaces the black color. This change is perfect users building a colored build or perfect for some users that would like to add some color to their PC system.

This CPU cooler does offer RGB lighting, and The RGB lighting is focused on the dual fans. These fans have blades that offer RGB lighting, and the top of the heatsink features a cover that also features RGB lighting on the Jonsbo logo. Alongside the RGB lights located on the Jonsbo Logo, the Heatsink cover also has two RGB lighting stops going around the top and the two sides of the CPU cooler.

This CPU cooler features a total of six heat pipes and has a total of two fans that runs at a speed of up to 1,500 RPM. When the CPU cooler is running at maximum, the dual fans make a total noise level of 31 dBA, keeping your system not only quiet but also cool!

Source: AliExpress

While no pricing for this CPU cooler has been announced at this point but looking at the standard CR-1100 Tower CPU cooler pricing, which is currently just $56.40 on AliExpress, that would make the Pink version of this CPU cooler priced similar to the original CPU cooler.