James Bond and IO Interactive Are a Match Made in Heaven, Says MGM; It’ll Be Special

Project 007 James Bond

In November 2020, James Bond fans learned that IO Interactive had signed an agreement with license holder MGM to create a game codenamed Project 007, featuring an original story where the world's most popular secret agent will earn his status.

MGM executives Robert Marick (VP for Global Consumer Products & Experiences) and Matthew Suser (Director of Interactive Business Development) were recently interviewed by GamesIndustry about the company's renewed efforts in games, and they also discussed the upcoming James Bond project.

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Robert Marick: When you look at James Bond, for instance, the opportunity to be able to tell an origin story and express that in terms of the quality that fans expect, we needed a console partner to be able to help tell that story. We're not here for a quick buck, we're here for what extends the brand.

Matthew Suser: It all comes down to identifying the right development partner. IO is the authority in stealth and agent-oriented games, so they truly were a dream come true in terms of studios to partner with on James Bond. They have a deep, deep passion for the IP, and they're extraordinarily talented. It's a match made in heaven, IO Interactive and James Bond, and we're working on something we think is going to be very special for fans.

It may be quite a while before we get to see this James Bond game, considering that IO Interactive was still recruiting talent for the project just a few months ago. The Danish developer is also working on something else, by the way, with rumors pointing to an Xbox exclusive online game set in a fantasy world that prominently features dragons. This is likely to be even further out than Project 007, though. Still, stay tuned and we'll keep you abreast of all rumors, leaks, and news.

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