Iron Harvest Kickstarter Campaign Now Live and Almost Fully Funded


The Kickstarter campaign for Iron Harvest is now live and almost fully funded, too. The game got over €300K in just over a day, leaving only about €62K left to reach the base goal. It should be a piece of cake to get there in the remaining thirty days available to pledge.

Stretch goals include a New Game + mode, cinematic cutscenes, Challenge maps, a Skirmish mode, multiplayer, a presumably separate co-op Campaign, co-op Challenges, multiplayer Leagues and Seasons and finally a free DLC campaign.

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Announced back in November 2016, Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game developed by German studio KING Art Games (The Book of Unwritten Tales, Black Mirror, The Dwarves, Battle Worlds: Khronos) and set in the fictional 1920+ world conceived by Polish artist Jakub Różalski.

Currently, the plan is to launch Alpha 1 this Summer with Alpha 2 in Q4 2018, Beta in Q2 2019 and finally a release planned for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q4 2019. The team also briefly commented on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port by stating that there's only a slim chance due to technical limitations of the hardware.

Iron Harvest gives you time to come up with a plan and allows for a wide range of tactics, including stealth.

Almost everything in the game is destructible – if the weapon is powerful enough. So no cover lasts forever and the line of sight changes constantly.

mature story told from the perspective of the three different factions. Each faction has three playable hero characters that offer additional options in combat and reconnaissance.

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Lead dozens of different unit types into battle. Soldiers can equip weapons on the battlefield to gain special abilities and more firepower.

Build your base and add fortification to protect your unit production and research.