iPhone XS Max Said to Be the Heaviest iPhone Ever Released by Apple Due to a Change in Materials


We’re down to the final leaks and rumours so enjoy them while they last. Once again, we will be talking about the iPhone XS Max, which is said to be the largest iPhone Apple has ever launched so far, but only if we will be talking about the screen. However, it looks as if Apple is shifting away from its ‘thin and light’ smartphone design philosophy because apart from being the largest iPhone, the iPhone XS Max is also said to be the heaviest one produced by the tech giant.

iPhone XS Max Expected to Use Stainless Steel Instead of Aluminium, Bringing That Weight up to a Total of 7.34 Ounces

According to the latest rumour, the iPhone XS Max is going to be even heavier than the iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs in at 7.13 ounces. With the iPhone XS Max’s weight increase, what could the reasoning behind it, especially when the upcoming flagship is said to sport the same footprint as that of the iPhone 8 Plus? The answer: change of materials. The difference in weight is said to show when the iPhone XS Max will utilize stainless steel instead of aluminium for the enclosure band.

iFixit Is Now Providing LCD Screen Replacements for iPhone X, XS and XS Max at Less Than Half the Price

We’ll have to see if this increases the durability of the iPhone XS Max, at least from the corners because if you drop the flagship accidentally and the point of contact with the surface is either the front, or the back, it could result in the cracking of the display and a very expensive trip to the Apple Store retail outlet. Previously, Apple stated that customers would have to pay $549 if they cracked the backside of the iPhone X (those that purchased the device without getting AppleCare warranty).

With the iPhone XS Max, it is expected that Apple will charge a higher price since there is going to be more area to replace if the user accidentally breaks it. Coming to the price, rumours are pointing towards a $999 tag for the base model, which is expected to come with 64GB of ultra-fast storage, 4GB of RAM and the Apple A12 7nm FinFET chipset. Other storage models that could be included are 256GB and 512GB variants.

If the starting price of the iPhone XS Max ends up being $999, would you pick it up knowing that you’re getting a far more capable and larger successor than the iPhone X? Let us know down in the comments.

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News Source: 9to5Mac