Galaxy Note 10+ Is More Durable Than iPhone XS Max Reveals Test

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As technology advances, retail prices for high-end mobile gadgets also go up. This is despite the fact that maturity in manufacturing technology should have allowed manufacturers to bring down prices. But, the complexities of making a 2019 flagship involve significant investments, and the price of a device often reflects these realities.

However, at tags north of $1,000, a high-end gadget needs to be durable, since it's unlikely that the device won't be subjected to some sort of rough usage over the course of its usage. Therefore, would-be purchasers of flagships are often concerned about their durability, and if you're thinking of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you've come to the right place. Head over below for more details.

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Galaxy Note 10 Plus Wins Over iPhone XS Max In Durability Test With Samsung Having Made Changes To Gadget's Fingerprint Sensor

The need to introduce wireless charging on flagship gadgets has ensured that manufacturers are forced to use glass on the back of flagship gadgets. Apple's iPhones XS, Samsung's Galaxies S10 and now the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus all feature glass at their back. While this gives the devices a new look, it also results in them being more susceptible to damage in case of drops and/or falls.

So, if you're looking to get yourself a brand new Galaxy Note 10 Plus, or are simply curious about the device's durability, we've got just the test for you today. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 Plus has been subjected to several drops from different angles, and the results show that we've got quite a durable device on our hands.

The test shows that the back of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is surprisingly durable, but the device's sharp corners put it at a disadvantage to the iPhone XS Max, against which it is directly compared. Samsung's phablet does, however, have a more durable screen than the iPhone XS Max. This fact is reinforced through extreme drop tests, which you can take a look at at the end of the video. In fact, the Note 10 Plus is perfectly capable of placing emergency calls after being dropped multiple times.

The iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, witnesses a display malfunction after its screen is damaged. Samsung has also improved the Galaxy Note 10 Plus' fingerprint sensor over the one that it introduced on the Galaxy S10. This sensor works flawlessly despite the phablets' display having been subjected to abuse.

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