iFixit Is Now Providing LCD Screen Replacements for iPhone X, XS and XS Max at Less Than Half the Price


The iPhone X release back in 2017 saw Apple charge a mammoth $279 bill for its OLED screen replacement. Things didn’t change with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, where the tech giant charged between $279 and $329 for changing the display. Thankfully, iFixit has a much cheaper and equally reliable solution at hand, but it will require you to give up experiencing the benefits of OLED technology. The teardown team is now providing LCD screen replacements for all three models.

All LCD Screen Replacements Come With iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty

iFixit states that its LCD screen replacements are a little darker compared to OLED counterparts, at around 50 nits worth of brightness sacrifice could be experienced. Fortunately, the average user isn’t going to notice these numbers during everyday use. The best thing about this deal is the price at which iFixit is offering these replacements, and if you wanted to get yourself a spare, we’ve listed the details below.

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  • iPhone X screen replacement - $74.99
  • iPhone XS screen replacement - $84.99
  • iPhone XS Max screen replacement - $164.99

The price jump from the iPhone XS to the iPhone XS Max is significant, but then again, if customers were able to purchase the most expensive model back in 2018, then they should also have no issues getting the replacement parts. iFixit also states that apart from the lifetime warranty, these LCD screen replacements are tested for quality assurance, meaning that users should be at peace of mind when it comes to quality.

“As with all our replacement screens, these LCD replacements are hand-tested in the USA to our rigorous quality standards, and we back them up with a lifetime warranty. iFixit picked these in-cell LCD replacements from a wide field of options, looking for thin but durable screens that best fit each iPhone model, with the most responsive digitizers, said Daniel Demeter, quality control specialist at iFixit.”

So how about it? Does your iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max need a cheaper, but reliable LCD screen replacement? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: iFixit