iPhone XI 2019 Imagined With Three Cameras And A Big Notch

iPhone 2019 two models triple camera says analyst

As we've got five months left before they're launched, news and leaks for the 2019 iPhone lineup haven't picked up the pace yet. However, this does not mean that we have no idea about what's going on at the company. Right now, Apple's testing a new iPhone design with three rear cameras. It's the new trend in the smartphone world after all, and Apple these days is all about keeping up with the competition. Not that we blame the company; after all, innovations such as Face ID take years of development and testing before they're ready for the market. Now we've got an iPhone Xl 2019 dummy that brings to life all rumors for the device that have surfaced so far. Head over below for the details.

iPhone Xl 2019 3D Mockup Shows A Triangular Rear Camera Arrangement But Skips Out On Updates For The Front Facing True Depth Camera Setup

Right now, we've got only a few solid details about what to expect from the 2019 iPhone. One of these is for the gadget's rear cameras. Apple will allegedly introduce a new camera sensor in the mix this year. This sensor will have a 2.2 F-number, and it will be Super Wide Angle in nature. For the True Depth camera, whispers from the supply chain suggest that Apple will make the notch narrower in width, allowing the iPhone's screen to take up more area.

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Today we've got two iPhone dummies that are 3D printed based on leaked information for the device. They represent potential successors of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Right now, it isn't clear whether Apple will upgrade the iPhone XR, or launch a smaller iPhone with an OLED display in its stead. Nevertheless, take a look at the dummies that were purchased by a Japanese publication from the retailer Alibaba.

The mockups are crude in nature, and they only serve as a cursory representation of what this year's iPhones might look like. TF International's analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will also apply a special coating on the lens located at the far right of the setup. This coating will cause the sensor to blend in with the background. It's a strange detail to hear about, but perhaps Apple is having second thoughts about launching an iPhone with a triangular rear camera arrangement.

Given that it'll be two years in September since Apple launched the iPhone X, a major design overhaul for the lineup is due. But given the complexities of manufacturing and the fact that there are little details to change in a smartphone's aesthetic, don't expect too much from Apple this year. It's our belief that moving forward, the company will rely on core technologies (such as Face ID) instead of aesthetics to differentiate its smartphones from its competitors. Innovation, it seems, has changed gears.

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