iPhone 8 Is Being Offered at $0 Via Sprint but an Eligible Trade-in Phone Is Necessary

Omar Sohail
iPhone Sprint $0 trade in deal

Sprint has announced an updated offer for the iPhone 8 and it includes a deal for customers wanting to trade-in their current devices for Apple’s latest and greatest. In order to avail the offer, however, you will need to have an eligible handset in possession, and it will involve possessing a current-gen or last year’s flagship at the very least.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 7 Family Minimum Trade-In Eligible Phones to Get $0 for iPhone 8

Sprint will let you get an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus for $0 per month, but you will need to have one of the following phones in possession for ‘trade-in’ purposes.

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  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy Note 8

In addition, this deal requires a new line activation and an 18-month Sprint lease that usually costs $29.17 per month. Furthermore, if you are in need of a higher capacity iPhone 8, then you’ll be out of luck because Sprint is only offering the 64GB variant. The best thing about this deal is that if you have already pre-ordered an iPhone 8 64GB version from Sprint, you are eligible for the new trade-in offer.

There is some good news for those that own a Google Pixel, an iPhone 6, or a Samsung Galaxy S7, as you might get 50 percent off a Sprint Flex lease payment. However, you will have to confirm with the carrier beforehand as your phone might get rejected straight away.

Do you think Sprint has finally introduced an attractive deal for smartphone owners wanting to trade-in their devices for an iPhone 8? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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