New iPhone Release Date Confirmed As Apple Invites Media On September 12

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. Apple has just started rolling out media invites for an event that is to take place on September 12. The invite itself is pretty self explanatory and without a doubt this event is all about a new iPhone.

Apple is known to be subtle in its event invitations and often we find clues regarding the upcoming product in the invite itself. The shadow in the image clearly points towards the fact that Apple is going to announce its new iPhone, to be dubbed iPhone 5. Whether or not it ends up being called the New iPhone is an entirely different debate. For now we're just excited to finally have the official new iPhone release date confirmed.

Much has been rumored about the upcoming iPhone 5 and I for one and more than glad that within a week all of these rumors will be put to bed. From what we have been told up till now, the new Apple iPhone is going to have a larger 4 inch display, a thinner profile, smaller 9 pin dock connector and possibly a quadcore A6 processor coupled with at least 1 GB of RAM.

That's not all though. Many believe that Apple will also announce a new iPad at this event. The 7.85 inch iPad Mini has been in the rumor mill for quite some time now and there exists a possibility of this device being announced on September 12. On another note, rumor has it that Apple will begin shipping the New iPhone in the US just nine days after the announcement on September 21.

The next generation iPhone release event will begin sharp at 10AM Pacific Time in San Francisco, California. With a little over one week to go, excitement is at an all time high and I have a good feeling that whatever Apple has to offer, it definitely won't disappoint.

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