Apple iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5

Rafia Shaikh

With no official announcements or confirmations, it is expected that Apple will replace its iPhone 5 with the new iPhone 5S, later this year. While the iPhone 5S would be the company's new flagship, it will not completely out-date the current Apple smartphone keeping the iPhone 5 a viable option for many interested buyers.

Last year Apple delivered iPhone 5 which proved to be a landmark for numerous reasons: it sported a new design bringing in aluminum rather than plastic; it came with 4G LTE data speeds, never seen before; and it was introduced with a 4 inches display that is larger than any previous iPhones. While Apple is heavily rumored to be releasing its incremental update of iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5S, it will not be replacing the iPhone 5 as an option, considering many attractive features of the current Apple's flagship smartphone. 

Waiting for September - the likable date of iPhone 5S launch - here at WccfTech, we are weighing down on how Apple iPhone 5S would put up a good fight against its predecessor, and more importantly, why would the current iPhone 5 still be on shopping hit lists for many a buyers.


It is almost a fact that no one is expecting a redesigned iPhone 5S, no matter how exciting that actually would be. Keeping Apple's design history in mind and also the rumors that have kept coming, it is quite anticipated that iPhone 5S will be carrying a similar design as of its predecessors. The consistently same design hasn't given Apple any bad statistics; in fact it is actually considered to be one the best and Apple fans have leaned on it for quite a long now. The industrial design of the iPhone 5 is top end design featuring one of the lightest frames at 112 grams and being the thinnest at 7.1mm available in the market.

However, that's not an end to designing technology. Apple has been long-expected to introduce some design changes that ensure more durability, but apparently Apple doesn't like to make many changes to its long approved design. The leaked new iPhone images have also shown similar designs, making the expectation of redesigned iPhone 5S almost null.

In the end, for those who are looking forward for some new design, no hope! But for many die-hard Apple fans, this shouldn't be any issue.

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If we believe the rumors, then well, iPhone 5S camera is likely going to put the camera of iPhone 5 to shame. Quite a number of rumors have agreed on the upgraded camera inside the next iPhone. Speculations and leaks about a possible 13 MP sensor - likely from Sony - would bring the iPhone in the lead with better quality photos and videos in noisy environments.

iPhone 5 camera, while is good, does have a lot of room for improvement. Not only on the hardware side, but the rumors also suggest a possible addition of software features for the next-gen iPhone 5S' camera. It has been said that iPhone 5S could arrive with slo-mo and 120fps video capture, making the iPhone-graphers love their new iPhone even more.

Nailing down the rumors and leaks, it is quite safe bet that iPhone 5S camera is going to be the company's selling point for the new iPhone's sales this fall.

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Software & Processor:

From the rumors, it is almost certain that the next iPhone 5S would be faster than the iPhone 5. Yep! Quite suggestive that Apple will install a faster processor inside the next iPhone. The next iPhone 5S' processor is rumored to be an A6X chip - iPad 4's - or perhaps a new A7 CPU delivering enhanced performance. But no matter which one of these processors it would, it surely is going to be better than the current one.

The new processing chip essentially means that the new iPhone would be more dainty and refined when it comes to the software. Multitasking would be effectively very improved, with better handling of games.

Apart from that, iPhone 5S could also support Advanced-LTE benefiting U.S. customers down the line. Which might not be beneficial at first, but could be potentially useful for those with two-year carrier contracts, as some carriers are looking to upgrade their LTE networks. Advanced-LTE will allow download speeds up to 150 Mbps as compared to the current average of 10 Mbps.

Another possibility on the hardware specs is Apple installing WiFi 802.11ac networking stand on the iPhone 5S, as we have already shared with you. If that is actually true then iPhone 5S could have three times faster internet speeds.

Processor updates, upgrade to 802.11ac and a possible Advanced-LTE could make iPhone 5S a lot speedier than the current iPhone 5. These updates are not only enough to retain current Apple fans, but also to catch those who love to stream content or play games on their smartphones.

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Apple iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 price: this is where the latter is going to win hands down. Apple will likely start the iPhone 5S from $199.99 price tags on the contract and possibly dropping down iPhone 5 to around $99. Apart from the company itself, the retailers and carriers too will be likely selling the iPhone 5 for much cheaper rates.

Now, while the iPhone 5S would be newer, with upgraded camera, software, and perhaps processor too; iPhone 5 will not be outdated. Apple iPhone 5 is going to be a great device for years to come, all hail to Apple's leading hardware and its policy of never forgetting the software of the elder devices. Down the road, Apple tends to keep its iPhones updated for at least three years - iPhone 3GS is still considered an updated smart phone! So for those looking for good specs and lower rates, iPhone 5 will be one excellent bet!


Okay, now this section is quite unnecessary but for the sake of a complete post, here it is! iPhone 5S should have all of the same carriers as of the iPhone 5 - no iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 credits here. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, are all expected to carry the iPhone 5S once it launches. However, there could be one change: following the Samsung Galaxy S4 being launched from all the major carriers, it is very likely that Apple will follow this trend too. Earlier this year, the fifth largest carrier U.S. Cellular did show the possibility of carrying an iPhone. And it looks to us that it could be the next Apple iPhone 5S.

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That is all from the rumors, leaks and speculations that we have had our hands on for now. There is no doubt that the next Apple iPhone is going to be awesome, but it is yet to be seen if it can beat the crowning iPhone 5. Keep reading to check for more industry updates!

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