New iPhone Flip Renders Reveal a Clamshell Design Coupled With a Secondary Rear Display That Shows Notifications and More


Apple’s foldable iPhone has been in the news on countless occasions, with the company reportedly sticking to a clamshell design. Well, these fresh renders of the ‘iPhone Flip’ provide a glimpse of how the device would look if Apple actually released one, with some extra touches in terms of features that we believe our readers will appreciate as well. Have a look.

iPhone Flip Renders Look Like an iPhone 12 Pro Max With a Hinge in Between

In collaboration with Technizo Concept, LetsGoDigital brings forth some well-illustrated iPhone Flip renders that honestly look like press images from Apple’s website if the technology giant would actually release something like this. In terms of design, the foldable iPhone takes inspiration from the flat edges of the iPhone 12 series, along with the notch at the front that has been consistent since the iPhone X’s inception.

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The rear side shows a massive camera module that is reminiscent to the iPhone 12 Pro’s, minus the LiDAR scanner though. However, these renders have added a small, but convenient feature which is the secondary rear display. Notice that in these images, you can easily view the time, date, as well as notifications from the iMessage and email app. This addition can turn out to be a handy feature when the iPhone Flip is folded and if you want to view some quick updates by whipping out the handset from your pocket.

At this point, it is unclear if Apple will incorporate a secondary display on future iPhones, or even a foldable iPhone, assuming the company plans on releasing one. For the time being, Apple is undecided on the iPhone Flip’s release, so the earliest we might see such a commercial launch is 2023, and that is if we are lucky. One reason why the Cupertino tech giant is late to the party when it comes to foldable smartphones is due to high component costs.

As you might have noticed, these products are not exactly cheap, with only Samsung leading the pack, and that too, not by much if you consider annual shipments. When this technology starts to mature and Apple believes a product is viable in this competitive market, it will proceed with a launch. This can also mean that the foldable iPhone could be cheaper than its competitors, but since nothing is set in stone right now, why don’t we enjoy these renders for now, and wait for a potential announcement in a couple of years?

News Source: LetsGoDigital