New iPhone Display Developed By Sharp, To Be Shipped This Month


It is only a couple of months until Apple unveils its next generation iPhone. As is the tradition, we have countless rumors pouring in from all across the globe regarding this upcoming device. It is seldom that we hear information about a new Apple device from a credible source. The President of Sharp has confirmed today that his company has developed the display for next generation iPhone and has also confirmed that the display will begin shipping this month.

Various sources have already rumored that Apple intends to announcing the next generation iPhone on September 12. While the date in particular can be changed, the month of September seems just about right for the introduction of a new iPhone. Takashi Okuda, President of Sharp, confirmed today that shipments of next generation iPhone displays will begin in August. He refrained from providing an exact date on which the shipping will commence. Though if it takes place in August, then a September launch will easily be possible for the company.

Sharp is not the only company that Apple is relying upon for next generation iPhone displays. Japan Display Inc. and LG Display also manufacture displays for the upcoming iPhone. It is possible that scale production of the next iPhone might have already begun after these other two manufacturers started shipping displays. The exact specifications of the display are a little vague as of now but many sources have confirmed that the next iPhone will have a display larger than its predecessors.

The new iPhone is also expected to be longer as well as radically thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The display technology plays an important part in that. Apple is reportedly making use of in-cell displays which eliminate the need of having a touchable layer on the display. Exclusion of this layer means that the display can be thinner and lighter, all while not compromising on functionality.

If not in September, than October is definitely when Apple plans on unveiling its next smartphone. There is no word on pricing as yet, but the new iPhone is expected to go on sale merely nine days after its announcement.

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