Apple iPhone 5S Launch in Fall – Production Starting this Month

Rafia Shaikh

The latest news is coming from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who has claimed that Apple iPhone 5S launch is almost here. Misek says that iPhone 5S will start going under production later this month and will be launched this fall. While this is some hearty good news, we still have quite a few months to get our hands on the Apple's next smart phone.

Jefferies analyst is also speculating that the Apple iPhone 5s will see some 25 million to 30 million units shipped, hitting some 55 million number in the holiday quarter. Misek claimed that production has already started on the Apple iPhone Lite - the low cost version of the iPhone for emerging markets to give competition to the lower end of Android and Nokia smartphones. The iPhone Lite will be prices at $300 to $400, which Misek says is more of a mid range. He claimed that,

"it [iPhone Lite] will not be competitive in emerging markets"

It is worthy to be noted here that analyst, Peter Misek, often gets things wrong when it comes to making predictions about Apple's upcoming plans. However, we are not taking this with a pinch of salt, since everyone is actually expecting Apple iPhone 5S to be launched in fall this year, which means Apple should be sending the smart phone into production anytime soon.

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