iPhone Customer Files Lawsuit Against Apple; Believed the New iPhone XS Max Featured No Notch, but an All-Screen Design


The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature a notch at the top hiding all the Face ID components as well as the front-facing camera. During the launch, Apple used a wallpaper that cleverly disguised that notch, giving the illusion that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were devices sporting that ‘all screen’ designs at the front. Unfortunately, one customer did not accept the company’s approach and has filed a lawsuit against Apple, stating that those images were misleading when she pre-ordered one of the devices released this year.

Apple Accused of Obscuring Its iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Notch by Lawyers - No Guarantee That Lawsuit Will Be Successful

Courtney Davis, the complainant filed the lawsuit on Friday in the Northern District of California, accusing Apple of designing its advertising in such a way that it would hide the notch. When she ordered the iPhone XS Max, she believed the notch was not present and that she would receive an iPhone with a full-screen design.

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“Images that disguise the missing pixels on the Products' screens are prominent on Defendant's website, as well as in the advertisements of retailers who sell the products. These images were relied on by Plaintiff DAVIS, who believed that the iPhone XS and XS Max would not have a notch at the top of the phone.”

More details present in the lawsuit state that Apple is also misleading its customers in terms of the iPhone’s display resolution. The complainant said that the company should not count pixels on the corners of the device as they are rounded off. Apple has not responded at the moment, but we are certain the tech giant will question Davis on her decision to file the lawsuit.

Firstly, Apple has a ‘full refund’ policy, where if you don’t like a certain product that’s in your ownership under a certain time frame, you can return it to your nearest Apple retail outlet in its exact condition as when you left an outlet while also providing a proof of purchase.

The customer will be refunded the amount without delay or further questioning. Secondly, Apple’s lawyers might question if Davis took a closer look at the other images of the iPhone XS Max present on the company’s website. If she did, the customer would have noticed that all three devices launched this year feature a notch, and she should not have gone through the trouble in pre-ordering the phone.

There is no telling whether the lawsuit will be successful or not, but our hunch is that it will be dismissed by the court fairly quickly. What do you think will be the outcome? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Business Insider