Production Problems Might Delay LCD iPhone 9 Model to Launch in November – Notch Said to Be the Culprit


A brand new development has alleged that the upcoming LCD iPhone model, which we’re referring to as the iPhone 9, for the time being, was due to be launched with this year’s lineup. Unfortunately, it won’t be launched until November as it is behind schedule.

Apple is expected to release three new iPhones this year, an iPhone X successor, its larger model that is called iPhone X Plus, and a cheaper variant, which will not have an OLED screen like the two other models but has been rumored to come with the same MLCD+ display as the one present on the LG G7 ThinQ.

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LG and Japan Display Have Run Into Production Problems With the iPhone 9 Concerning Yield Output

The Bell (via 9to5Mac) has reported that the two OLED iPhones are on schedule and will be announced in September but the LCD one is two months behind schedule because of yield issues. That’s why production is expected to be two months later.

The news outlet does not expect the phone to go on sale until the month November. Reportedly, Apple is relying on LG and Japan Display for the LCD display, but there are some problems being encountered with the notch, meaning that the 3D sensing components might be present on this model too, give it the Face ID security features.

An analyst states that the manufacturers have run into light leakage issues while implementing the notch design on the LCD iPhone. This is why the mass production phase is not on track yet. We should remind you to take this information with skepticism as it has been cited by an anonymous analyst.

Still, it is not difficult to imagine that applying the notch design on an LCD display would be difficult and last year’s iPhone X was also launched in November. So, the information might actually end up being true, Perhaps with more evidence coming in the future, we will get to know for sure.

The LCD iPhone X will apparently be made with an aluminum frame to slash costs further. Additionally, it will have a glass back to support wireless charging as well and has been rumored to ship in bright and vivid color variants.