iOS 11 Software Code Reveals Wireless Charging Animation on iPhone 8 – Convenient Little Addition

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iPhone 8 Will Show Wireless Charging Animation, According to iOS 11 Code

With a couple of days remaining for the iPhone 8 to be announced, there have been several leaked iOS 11 Golden Master entries revealing unique features belonging to the flagship. Wireless charging, though not unique, will be a breakthrough on the iPhone since the device will be the first phone from Apple to sport this addition. After all, if you’re going to remove the headphone jack, you might as well give something in return.

Now, leaked iOS 11 software code reveals that the iPhone 8 will provide support for wireless charging, but that was made concrete seeing as how the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came with just a Lightning port. A new implementation thanks to the involvement of software and hardware might also provide notifications when the iPhone 8 is being charged wirelessly and when it is receiving juice through a power brick.

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iOS 11 Code String Reveals Wireless Charging Animation Will Be Displayed When iPhone 8 Starts Receiving Power Through an Induction Process

Additional evidence points to the wireless charging feature of the iPhone 8, with a leakster claiming that with new iOS 11 software and hardware working in unison, it will be able to provide the user with an animation that the phone is being charged through wireless induction. This can take place through a wireless charging pad and while Apple might release its own accessory, there are cheaper alternatives that 3rd-party manufacturers will be rolling out.

It is possible that after placing a phone on the wireless charging pad, the device is unable to receive juice and repositioning is required. With this animation and wireless charging feature working together, users will become aware if their phone is getting charged, meaning more battery life at the end of the day.

We also suspect that you can change the sounds or animations to your liking if you need a reminder that the iPhone 8 is actually being charged.

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News Source: Twitter (_inside)

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