iPhone 8 Concept with Transparent Screen Looks Ridiculous Yet Ultra Cool – Video


We have seen all sorts of iPhone 8 concept videos and images so far, but nothing quite like this one. Not even close.

iPhone 8 with Transparent Screen Concept Sounds & Looks Like the Ultimate Smartphone from the Future

Smartphone have come a long way, yet their basic shape and intent has remained the same. Whenever we think about a handheld device, we immediately picture a rectangular slab of metal or plastic with a screen slapped in front of it. But, thanks to many companies out there, we have seen a ton of innovation in the basic design department. So, what's next for a smartphone in terms of design? If you are seeking an answer to that question, then this insanely epic (and crazy) iPhone 8 concept delivers what your eyes want to see.

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Starting with Touch ID, the designer Georgy Pashkov, imagines the device having an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It's embedded into the display in a way which blends seamlessly with everything else. It's like it is not even there. Then is that wonderful transparent display that gives you an insane amount of depth since you can look right through your smartphone. We can only imagine that this is achieved using some sort of technological wizardry that does not even exist in this timeline at least. Nonetheless, the designer imagines it to be achieved using 'optical sensors' behind the smartphone. And since the front of the device is screen only, therefore the iPhone 8 is imagined to pack a piezoelectric speaker. Basically the entire glass of the display acts as a speaker. Think of the Mi Mix and you are not that far off.

Wrap Up

All in all, it's a brilliant concept, and something which Apple will definitely not release this year at least. Maybe not for another five years either. But, it does give us a glimpse of the future of smartphones. Apart from the iPhone itself, many smartphones will ultimately blur the line between Iron Man tech and the real world.

Let's just hope that future arrives sooner for everyone.