EMI Shielding Technology Will Be Present In iPhone 7 Chips

If you ever wanted to witness a technology that blocks off electromagnetic waves, then it looks like you are in luck because Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be sporting this feature. With all the impressive hardware that is already expected to be present inside the flagship smartphone duo, what benefit would this latest addition serve to consumers?

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Technology Will Most Likely Be Present To Get Rid Of People’s Fear On EM Waves In Upcoming iPhone 7

In an attempt to allay people’s fear that EMI waves are harmful for smartphone users, Apple will be incorporating the shielding technology in order to make this possible. According to industry sources, the tech giant in intending on applying the technology to the following components:

  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Connectivity chips (wireless LAN, Bluetooth)
  • AP (application processor) and other modems

While this particular technology is thoroughly being applied to PCB, or printed circuit boards, this is possibly the first time that consumers will be seeing the technology applied to individual components soldered on the board of a smartphone. However, Apple could possibly be applying by this tech to individual components primarily because users might want to find a solution for the interference in wireless communication. Since smartphone users have proliferated in the past couple of years, the amount of interference has obviously increased, leading Apple to incorporate this tech inside its upcoming iPhone 7.


So How Does This Tech Work?

When EMI Shield technology is applied, unexpected signals that happen due to electromagnetic interference can be prevented. It also serves other advantages for users, since circuit boards can also be assembled more elaborately. This is because when mounting space between chips is decreased, areas that are left over can be used for batteries and eventually increase times that batteries can last. However, the chips’ production costs will be increased due to addition of new process. So who has the Cupertino tech giant partnered in order to make this possible?

The company has StatsChipPac and Amkor responsible for EMI Shield process on major chips of iPhone 7. EMI Shield process will take place in both businesses’ factories that are in South Korea. This will involve a process that covers surface of packaging with ultra-thin metal. Packaging businesses perform such process by using sputter that covers chips ultra-thin metal shield. Packaged chips will be loaded onto EMI Shield sputters, and handler equipment (unloaded) that takes out chip packages that are done with shielding process is also necessary. Competitive edges in sputters and handlers are stability, precision, and speed. They will be able to evenly sprinkle metals on top of chips for shielding. Handlers are also have to be able to load and unload chip packages on sputters fast and precisely.


This is not the first time that Apple has used this tech; it first applied EMI Shield technology to its S1 SoC present inside its first ever wearable, Apple Watch, indicating that the company knows exactly what it is doing. Do you guys think that it will improve overall performance of the upcoming devices? Let us know your thoughts.


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