iPhone 7 Camera Module Confirms Presence of OIS Chip – No More Jittery Images and Video


Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to feature an improved version of the iPhone 6s camera sensor, but it will come with a major upgrade in the form of an OIS chip. Finally, the upcoming iPhone 7 is not going to suffer from producing jittery images and videos.

iPhone 7 to Possess a Hardware Upgrade Not Present in Its Predecessor – OIS chip and Improved Software Stabilization Equals Terrific Image and Video Quality

Not all phones come with a hardware stabilization chip, which is commonly known as OIS and lots of camera sensors are not even compatible with this feature. For those that are, it’s a terrific upgrade to improve your smartphone photography since it effectively reduces camera shake that ends up taking a terrible photograph or video. Smartphones that come without a hardware stabilization chip will produce blurry images, like the sample you can see below.

The total number of megapixels on the iPhone 7 have not been disclosed, but it’s possible that it’s going to be a 12MP rear shooter with the ability to record 4K footage. There is also a possibility that the image sensor size is also increased, along with an aperture value increase. All of these increases will contribute to taking in more light, which will produce a much more pleasant result in terms of both image snaps and video recording.

This will also help to eliminate the dreaded image and video quality that we get to see in areas which have very limited lighting. Other notable upgrades that have been said to come packing inside an iPhone 7 is the presence of a 1,960mAh battery. While it still hasn’t crossed the 2,000mAh barrier, it’s still a worthy upgrade considering how iPhone 6s possessed a smaller battery capacity than its predecessor. One disappointing thing about the iPhone 7 is that it will not come with a dual camera feature that’s expected to come on its phablet counterpart, iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully next year, Apple will begin implementing the feature to both of its smartphones.

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