Here’s How Apple Can Win It Big With iPhone 6S Camera Spectroscope

Ramish Zafar

With six months left until Apple's next iPhone upgrade, there's plenty of time for us to speculate on what the Cupertino manufacturer will be bringing to its iPhone 6 upgrade. Following Apple's flagship cycle, and unless it chooses to shake things up significantly, the next iPhone will most likely be dubbed as the iPhone 6S and will allow the company to focus towards the details in its design. And some of these details might be very eye catching indeed if latest reports are to be believed.

iphone-6-concept-FSMdotCOM1The iPhone 6S Can Potentially Come With Spectroscope
For Accurate Color Reproduction

As our smartphones become advanced day by day, cameras have begun to gain an ever increasing place in our gadgets. An increasing number of users now rely on their devices for everyday photography, a change that has heavily damaged the market for point and shoot cameras. So its a given fact by now that any manufacturer who manages to keep the camera on its devices ahead of the competition will now have a good standing for your hard earned cash.

And judging by today's report, Apple's already hard at work for the camera upgrade on the iPhone 6S. According to the Chinese, the company is in possession of a patent for a digital camera with a spectroscope on board. Before we get into its implications, it would be wise to elaborate on how a spectroscope might radically end up improving the camera sensor on the iPhone 6S. While regular smartphone camera sensors capture red, blue and green light through one pixel and effectively end up allocating a third of the sensor's space to each color.

With a spectroscope however, Apple will be able to assign each color a separate sensor allowing for vastly changed low light photography results and improved overall color reproduction. The question really remains on whether the Cupertino company will be able to effectively integrate the spectroscope with the iPhone. It'll end up winning big if does though. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated. And let us know what you think in the comments section.

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