Will It Bend? First Bend test Of The iPhone 6s Shows 3X Improvement

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus saw its fair share of controversy last year in the form of bendgate. To recap, several users started to complain about iPhone 6s Plus devices getting bent out of shape after being left in pockets for too long. But this time around, with the iPhone 6s duo, we've been hearing several rumors claim that Apple just might be upgrading its iPhones with 7000 series Aluminium, that should prevent such events from happening in the future. And now, we've managed to get our hands on an alleged video of an alleged iPhone 6s shell manufactured from the same material and the results seem to be quite impressive.

Apple's iPhone 6s Plus Shell Compared To The iPhone 6s

If you took a look at the video above, you'd have seen the differences between the alleged iPhone 6s Plus shell and the shell from the current iPhone 6. According to Unbox Therapy's analysis, Apple has indeed chosen to shift to 7000 series Aluminum for the next iPhone and the material comes with several differences on board. Not only does it contain a higher percentage of Zinc, but it also has a much thicker anodized coating which is in place to prevent the rusting from the additional Zinc percentage.

Now getting to the actual test, the iPhone 6's shell manages to stand its ground until 30lb of force is applied and we see it bend at similar spots bendgate devices also featured their malfunction i.e. near the power and the volume buttons. The alleged iPhone 6s shell however manages to bear up to a MASSIVE 80lbs of pressure. That's more than twice the iPhone 6 and for only the shell of the upcoming iPhone 6s, we'd say Apple's thought long and hard about bendgate this time around.

The shell's design also appears to have been redesigned and as you can see above, the iPhone 6s' shell doesn't bend at the same volume/power button location. The iPhone 6s duo is expected to be launched by Apple in September and if you want to know more about the upcoming device take a look at our iPhone 6s Specs, Rumors, Features, Price, Release Date [Complete Roundup].


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