The 4-inch iPhone 6c Might Not Change So Much After All

The iPhone 6c is one Apple device that's surrounded in as much mystery as the mythical iPad Pro. The iPhone 6c has seen a lot of leaks and information surface over the past couple of months that leads us to believe that perhaps Apple just might be bringing the smaller screened smartphone back this year. The screen size increase on the iPhone 6 duo a year back was attributed mostly to market pressures, but this change saw a wave of nostalgia sweep several old Apple users along the way and looks like Apple's taking two steps forward and one step behind this time around.


Apple's iPhone 6c To Look Like iPhone 5c Claim Sources

While we've been hearing that the iPhone 6c won't be coming this September on Apple's launch event, but more interesting news about the mythical device has been unearthed today. The iPhone 6c is expected to cater towards those Apple fans who want a smaller iPhone and aren't bothered much with the whole large screen mania that's crept over the smartphone world.

But today, according to some sources straight out of China, the iPhone 6c might not be that much of a force to reckon with. If today's information is correct, and we doubt it to be, then the iPhone 6c will look a lot like its predecessor, the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c was Apple's original experiment with a low cost iPhone that seemed to have backfired on it completely with the company now rumored to remove the device from its portfolio after the launch of the iPhone 6s duo next month.


Aside from its design resembling the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 6c will be featuring hardware upgrades, which should be a given, since otherwise it would mean that Apple will simply be relaunching the iPhone 5c. So while the iPhone 6c lives, there's little detail on its future available so far, but we have plenty of time for leaks since if the device really should come, then it'll see a November launch most likely and no upgrade for at least two years. But that's just our take.

Apple will be live streaming its event on the 9th of September for iOS, Apple TV, Mac and Windows 10 users. We will also be covering the event in great detail, so stay tuned for our coverage as well.

Do let us know in the comments section what you think about today's report regarding the iPhone 6c.


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